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Ursa Major StarGate 323

Ursa Major StarGate 323 Digital Reverb

With the coming of the Space Age, sound engineers will finally acquire power over acoustic space and time with the Ursa Major Stargate 323. They will create reverberant spaces of almost limitless variety, from tiny chambers to vast echoing canyons. They tune their effects to achieve a richness and realism that once seemed beyond the reach of any technology.


And they will command equipment so easy to to use, it becomes an extension of their own creative abilities. Now, with StarGate 323 from Ursa Major, you can bring the Space Age into your own studio. Ursa Major StarGate 323 is a high performance digital reverberation system whose sound quality and features match those of much higher-priced systems.

Eight pre-tuned Rooms let you simulate (and modify) a wide range of acoustic environments; the superbly designed panel controls let you independently adjust all important reverb parameters, with full simultaneous display of settings.

The Ursa Major StarGate 626 that followed, was the exact same reverb with double the delay capabilities of the Ursa Major StarGate 323.



Quantization: 15 bit
Sampling Frequency: 32kHz
Frequency Response: 15kHz Bandwidth
Dynamic Range: 80 dB
THD: Unknown

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