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Lexicon PCM 41

Lexicon PCM 41 Digital Delay Processor

The Lexicon PCM 41 was a huge success for Lexicon when it was released back in 1980 and even today you will still find them in use in major recording studios everywhere. The Lexicon PCM 41 was eventually replaced by the Lexicon PCM 42 which featured longer delay times, but retained the sonic characteristics of the Lexicon PCM 41.


The Lexicon PCM 41 is a versatile Digital Delay Processor, a compact third generation system that yields up to 800 milliseconds of high performance audio delay. It includes a host of special features, not found in simple delay lines, features that enable the performing musician to readily obtain pleasing and unique special effects.

The Lexicon PCM 41’s superior sonic quality, rack mountability, and flexibility also make it an excellent choice for critical studio work.

Some of the many features include input/delay mixing with re-circulation (feedback), switchable polarity inversion of the feedback and delay signals, high pass and low pass filters, discretely switchable and continuously variable delay time adjustments.

Foot control jacks allow the musician to switch the effect in and out, to capture and indefinitely repeat a musical phrase, and to control the VCO (time base) in sync with the music. 4:1 automatic time base modulation is controlled on the front panel, and can be used to create interesting musical effects, many of which are unique to Lexicon thanks to our VCO shape control that lets you blend square wave, sine wave and envelope functions. (The envelope follower allows time modulation to occur as a function of the input signal: i.e., the effect “tracks” the music.)

In order to obtain the best possible sound, Lexicon engineers rejected analog delay (BBD’s), Delta Modulation, and other quasi-digital techniques. Instead, the audibly superior performance of the Lexicon PCM 41 is attributable to the use of true Pulse Code Modulation (PCM), a signal encoding technique widely preferred by professionals.

Thanks to our broad experience as a pioneer in the digital delay field, Lexicon engineers have been able to employ cost effective techniques while improving performance. As a result, the Lexicon PCM 41 out performs even the more expensive competitive models. You will hear extra clarity and presence because the Lexicon PCM 41 has a full 16 kHz bandwidth, and the absence of audible noise or distortion is sure to please the most discriminating users.

Engineering and musically oriented users alike will appreciate the ease with which the Lexicon PCM 41 interfaces to a wide variety of sound equipment; an adjustable input level control plus a 20 dB gain switch, a headroom display, and an output level control make it easy to obtain optimum results when patching into low or high line level circuits. Equally important, Lexicon has paid close attention to the human interface.

As you familiarize yourself with the Lexicon PCM 41, you’ll appreciate how the controls are logically divided into clearly labelled functional groups: INPUT, DELAY and VCO. Those controls affecting interaction of groups are arranged to imply their function.

To assist the busy performer in quickly establishing the desired effect, we have differentiated the various controls by means of both colour and shape.



Quantization: Unknown
Sampling Frequency: 32kHz
Frequency Response: 20Hz-16kHz
Dynamic Range: >90dB
THD: 0.1%

Dimensions: 483mm x 44mm x 280mm
Weight: 2.5kg

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Build Quality 100%
Sound Quality 75%
Usefullness 65%
Mojo/Funk 100%
Reliability 80%

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