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Lexicon PCM 60

Lexicon PCM 60 Digital Reverberator

The Lexicon PCM 60 was the first in a long line of PCM named digital reverbs and it offered an affordable entry into the world of Lexicon digital reverbs. The Lexicon PCM 60 was a good digital reverb however it never enjoyed the same sales or current legendary status as the later model Lexicon PCM 70 would enjoy upon its release.

Lexicon PCM 60 Digital Reverberator Details

The Lexicon PCM 60 Digital Reverberator is a high-performance, low-cost digital reverb designed to be used with a wide range of instruments, stage equipment, and studio mixers. It incorporates the most advanced digital audio processing circuitry available lor clean sound and extremely high-quality reverberation.

The Lexicon PCM 60’s controls are easy to use, offering flexible operation and a logical layout. Front-panel LEDs light to indicate selected functions, and a five-segment headroom indicator has been included for precise input level monitoring.

The Lexicon PCM 60 features two main reverb programs: Room and Plate. From these two programs, you can tailor reverberation characteristics on the basis of size, reverb time, and bass and treble contouring, producing a wide variety of distinct reverberation effects.

Rotary knobs are used to set input gain, reverb mix, and output level. A Bypass mode switch with optional foot pedal control is included; the unit is automatically placed in Bypass mode when switched off.

For compatibility with the widest range or peripheral audio equipment, the Lexicon PCM 60 has a balanced/unbalanced audio input (mono in), two unbalanced (single-ended) audio outputs (stereo out), and an effects loop – all using standard 1/4in, phone jacks.

Input and output sensitivity select push-buttons on the rear panel can be set for high or low-level inputs and high or low-level outputs.

This product is the result of years of study and development, its design incorporates suggestions from knowledgeable users and reflects Lexicons long experience in providing superior digital audio equipment to the professional.

Every effort has gone into making the Lexicon PCM 60 perform to the highest industry standards.


  • Quantization: Unknown
  • Sampling Frequency: Unknown
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-10kHz
  • Dynamic Range: 80dB
  • THD: 0.05%


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by Anonymous

Sound Quality 75%
Build Quality 90%
Usefullness 60%
Mojo/Funk 90%
Reliability 100%

An excellent vintage piece very well suited for drums. Tons of mojo and very fast in the creative process. Find the right space in about 20-30 seconds. Extremely well built. Only drawbacks are a mono input. The room sounds are great for drum sounds. The plates are cleaner, brighter and shorter by comparison. A great companion to a PCM80/90/91 or an Eventide H3000 for sound design/mixing Broadcast material.

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