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MXR Model 113 Digital Delay

MXR Model 113 Digital Delay

The MXR Model 113 Digital Delay is a self-contained audio delay line which utilizes sophisticated technology to achieve a new standard of professional quality. The culmination of an intensive design program, the MXR Model 113 Digital Delay is unparalleled in versatility, ease of operation, and creative application.


Although the MXR Model 113 Digital Delay is capable of a wide variety of effects, the basic function of the unit is quite straightforward. The input signal is processed through circuitry which delays the signal by a amount of time. It is then mixed back with the ‘dry’ or un-delayed signal at the output of the delay. The effect produced will the amount of delay time chosen.

The basic effects that can obtained by using appropriate of the wide delay range provided by the MXR Model 113 Digital Delay include discrete echoes, vocal doubling, and hard In addition to these basic effects, the MXR Model 113 Digital Delay contains associated circuitry which allows such unique effects as flanging, pitch alterations (vibrato, pitch tending), frequency modulation and infinite (non-deteriorating) repeat-hold.

The MXR Model 113 Digital Delay employs digital random access memory to produce a time-delayed signal. This technique, derived from computer technology. represents a departure from previous shift register methods. The analog input signal is converted to digital form, stored in the memory circuitry and removed at some designated later time. It is then converted back to analog form and to the output.

This method provides the user with the advantages of a wider usable delay range, more precise control of delay time, and preservation of signal quality. The MXR Model 113 Digital Delay makes available delay times ranging from 0.08msec. to 320msec. (1 second =1000msec), fully variable, without excessive noise or mechanical reliability problems. This delay range is expandable to 1280msec in increments of 320msec, by means of up to three additional plug-in memory boards.

These are available from MXR and are easily installed by the user. The MXR Model 113 Digital Delay is designed for a wide variety of applications including recording, PA, and amplified musical instruments. The unit is rack-mountable for studio installation , and an optional road case is available for onstage use by the traveling musician.



Quantization: Unknown
Sampling Frequency: Unknown

Frequency Response: Bandwidth Selected
20kHz: +1, -3dB (20Hz-18kHz)
10kHz: +1, -3dB (20Hz-9kHz)
5kHz: +1, -3dB (20Hz-4.7kHz)
2.5kHz: +1, -3dB (20Hz-2.4kHz)

Dynamic Range: >80 dB
THD: <0.1%
Delay Times: 0.08msec to 320msec
(Expandable to 1280msec)

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