Classic Track

Need You Tonight

Need You Tonight
Recorded: 1986-1987
Released: 23 September, 1987
Producer: Chris Thomas
Recording Engineer: David Nicholas
Mix Engineer: Bob Clearmountain
Mastering Engineer: Alex Gordon

Need You Tonight was the first single released form the Kick album by INXS in 1987. It was also the only INXS single to reach the number one slot on the Billboard Hot 100, and it was the bands highest charting song in the UK, reaching the number two spot. (on it’s second release in 1988)

Kick was recorded in Sydney, Australia at Australia’s hottest studio, Rhinoceros Studios. At the time, Rhinoceros Studios had the first SSL 4000 console in Australia, and the album was recorded to a 32 track Otari digital recorder, slaved to a Studer 800 Mk3 for backup.

Michael Hutchence’s voice was recorded with two AKG 451s in a an X-Y configuration, and then run through a Yamaha REV7 set to phase. There was minimal use of effects during the recording, but it included Lexicon 224X reverb, as well as AMS RMX16 reverb.

The album was then mixed at AIR Studios in London on another SSL 4000 by Bob Clearmountain. Bob started out using the relatively mono mix by Chris Thomas, and added his usual touches of tape delay and panning.

Need You Tonight became the bands signature tune, and helped to make the band a truly international success story.

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