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Roland SRV-3030

Roland SRV-3030 24bit Digital Reverb

With all that Roland had learned from making superb effects processors like the SRV-330 and R-880, the SRV-3030 should have been so much better than it was.


The Roland SRV-3030 is a very polarizing processor, it seems you either love it or hate it. We found it to be anemic to say the least, and nowhere near as lush sounding as the Roland SRV-330.

This unit represents a culmination of our efforts toward refining the core performance capabilities of a dedicated reverb unit. With 24-bit AD/DA converter and 24-bit digital input/output, the Roland SRV-3030 provides high-quality digital reverb and multi-effects that rival those of professional studio equipment.

Two High-Quality Reverb Units
With two internal high-quality reverb units, you can combine two separate reverb effects, or get full stereo reverb.

Dynamic Separation
Newly developed dynamic separation algorithms provide reverb that changes dynamically according to the performance phrase or musical instrument used.

Easy Operation
The graphic display and knobs ensure simple but complete command of the Roland SRV-3030 operations. The unit is packed with convenient features, such as Preview and Category Search.

Preview Function
Preview is a function that allows test listening of digital reverb effects using the internal instrument sounds. You can preview sounds simply with the press of a single button. The Roland SRV-3030 features a full set of instrument sounds, which lets you preview the most suitable sound for any type of reverb. Furthermore, you can also preview sounds using sampled (recorded) sounds (using memory cards).

Category Search Function
Programs are divided into categories based on the application-for example, vocals or instruments. Using the Category Search function allows fast searching of the categories, so you can rapidly find the programs you want.

Three Editing Methods
You can use any of three different editing methods to suit any situation or aim.

  • Direct Edit – This allows quick and easy editing of the most frequently used parameters (reverb level, reverb type, and so on).
  • EZ Edit – This sets EZ parameters that approximate those of the sound you envision, providing a more intuitive way to create sounds.
  • Custom Edit – This allows Very precise settings for all parameters.


Accepts Memory Cards
With removable memory cards, you can store and use even more reverb settings on your Roland SRV-3030. In addition, you can use these for sampling, and later use of preview sounds.



Quantization: 24 Bit / 64x Oversampling
Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
Frequency Response: 15Hz-20kHz
Dynamic Range: 100dB
THD: Below 0.02%

Preset Memory: 100
User Presets: 100

Dimensions: 482mm x 44mm x 203mm
Weight: 2.8kg


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Nonlinear Verb Rocks!

by Hollowman9

Sound Quality 100%
Build Quality 100%
Usefullness 75%
Mojo/Funk 65%
Reliability 100%

At first I didn’t like it. A few years later I started to like it a little bit. Now it’s pretty damn good. The presets are uninspired and bland so that you think it’s a poor product and not worth keeping. You need to edit up your own and then you see the light. Eventually you wander across the nonlinear algorithm and suddenly you’re Gollum with his ring, my precious! This particular algorithm is pretty much what everyone is seeking with all of fancy, expensive shoegazer focused products out there. If Roland didn’t hide it this box may have had an entirely different outlook in life. Plus in addition you can add chorus, phasor and compression to your patches and create some truly immersive and unusual sonic environments. This box is wedded to my DSI PolyEvolver most of the time. Not just because both are blue but because that synth and these far out nonlinear patches are like peanut butter and chocolate. Not a one trick pony however. The small rooms and ambiances are actually quite good and very useful for drums and bass guitar to give that hint of being somewhere in a room of some kind. For those type sound this box really shines and gets picked over ones much more expensive regularly. I took off points for useless presets. Editing the box isn’t as terrible as some reverb units. The menus don’t go very deep at all. What’s tedious is having to edit both blocks separately for stereo patches. Egads!


by Anonymous

Sound Quality 95%
Build Quality 95%
Usefullness 35%
Mojo/Funk 45%
Reliability 95%

I have the 3030 without the digital I/O. This is the reason I am selling it, I need digital connections. One overlooked feature of this unit is the compression which allows for some very dramatic reshaping of the reverb bloom.

Some rather wild effects can be had with extreme compression settings. I admit I am not a fan of the reverb sound though. It is thin and doesn’t sit well in my mixes – mostly it gets totally buried. I am a fan of the other effects this unit can do though. The chorus, phaser and resonator are delightful on their own and good for making spacious synth pads.

They also allow for some more creative reverb sounds that are more interesting than the reverb on its own. I find the editing is fairly easy but the resolution of the parameter knob isn’t fine enough and makes for a bit of frustrating fiddling. The unit is also very quiet. If mine had the digital I/O I would keep it. It’s a decent box for unusual effects but for basic reverb duties it has no traction.


by Me FX

Sound Quality 30%
Build Quality 10%
Usefullness 20%
Mojo/Funk 10%
Reliability 10%

I have had 2 of these, both brand new. These units have well documented design problems. First thing I noticed is these units get VERY hot, even after not long being on. You could fry eggs on them. Both units ended up freezing up, or just plain powering off and on by themselves randomly. I returned them. Also the sound is not worth it. Very bland metallic verbs, and editing them did not help much. The older 330 series before them sounded smoother, tho kind of dark and nothing super special. This is opposite of that. My 330 series didnt have technical problems either. For those still willing to chance it on these 3030, there were 2 versions. One with optional digital in/outs called 3030D and one without just called 3030.


by Gary Jones

Sound Quality 85%
Build Quality 85%
Usefullness 85%
Mojo/Funk 70%
Reliability 95%

Too many people dismiss this reverb and I understand why, the presets suck. If you take the time to really dig in and get your hands dirty, this is a very good unit and very capable. The fact it is 24bit is also a huge bonus as it is generally very quiet. It is a pain to edit, but well worth the effort. The fact they can be picked up off eBay for song makes it a no brainer.


by Steven

Sound Quality 65%
Build Quality 70%
Usefullness 65%
Mojo/Funk 20%
Reliability 85%

This reverb does not get a lot of love from those that own it, and it is not that it does anything particularly wrong, it is for me at least because it is very uninspiring in use. It does not have the funk of the Roland SRV-2000 or the pristine reverb tails of say the Lexicon 480. In a word, boring.


by Simon Alexander

Sound Quality 25%
Build Quality 90%
Usefullness 25%
Mojo/Funk 10%
Reliability 90%

Over the years, Roland have made some really fantastic outboard gear and conversely dropped a few clangers with some pieces of crap. I’ve bought one of these because it was going so cheap and I really don’t know why I bothered, because I messed around with it for about 10 minutes and put it back in the box. (Best place for it)

For the money but they go for secondhand you can do a lot better. Yes it is nicely built but the UI , is appalling!. Sadly, Roland gave it the SRV prefix, but it’s not in the league sonically or operationally of its predecessors.

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