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Stam SA-3A+

Stam SA-3A+ Opto Compressor

The Stam SA-3A+ is a 1:1 replica of two of the most popular solid state opto compressors ever made, the UREI LA-3A. It also comes with the UREI LA-4 circuit making it a two in one stereo compressor.


Using custom wound US made transformers, the absolute best T4B in the market by Kenetek Pro Audio in Kentucky and UK made Carnhill output transformer we can confidently say this is not only the most accurate sounding vintage LA-3A and LA-4 replica in the market but also the most versatile at any price point.

Being the single most important part on a LA-2A and LA-3A and having tested every single T4B under the sun (including our own!!) we always come back to Bill Jones US hand-made T4B. It is simply identical to the original T4B from the 70’s U.S. Without this component there is no LA-3A.

Since both circuits shared the same transformers it was a no brainer to go the extra mile and give you two iconic compressors for the price of one by including the revered LA-4 compressor into the same unit. The LA-4 is famously known for its cleaner sound and an all time favorite acoustic guitar compressor.

Each Stam SA-3A+ is hand built at our lab in Chile one by one with the highest quality components available. No shortcuts have been taken to ensure you can use them interchangeably with an old LA-3A or LA-4. The SA-3A+ now comes with a stereo link switch that allows you to use two of them in stereo.

The ultimate cure for “digititis”
While plugins have come a long way and are incredibly useful, there’s a reason the top engineers still have analog gear in their racks. And some of the biggest gains to be made if you’re mixing “in the box” is to use quality hardware on your tracks.

Legendary on vocals, magic on bass and a must have for electric and acoustic guitars the LA-3A and LA-4 are one of those rare pieces that just make things sound better.



  • LA-3A and LA-4 in one unit
  • Kenetek US made T4B optical cell
  • Custom US made input transformer
  • Custom US made autoformer
  • Carnhill output transformer
  • True to the original LA-3A schematic
  • Added LA-4
  • High and Low gain
  • Stereo Link
  • Limit and Comp
  • HF and Flat switch
  • Period correct knobs
  • Bypass switch
  • Vishay capacitors
  • Hand made in Chile
  • 2-year warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee


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