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Yamaha REV100 Digital Reverberator

The Yamaha REV100 was one of Yamaha's most affordable digital reverbs and it offers reasonable quality for the money too. Reverb is the essential effect for musical instruments, recording, and sound reinforcement. Delay and modulation run a close second and third. The Yamaha REV100 offered all this and is most suitable for live rigs.


In fact, the quality of the effects you use has a major influence on the overall quality of your sound. If you’re looking for the kind of reverb, delay, and modulation effects that can give your sound a serious lift, take a good look at the Yamaha REV100 Digital Reverberator.

It’s no secret that Yamaha makes some of the best signal processors in the business. The Yamaha REV100 is no exception. It offers remarkably smooth, natural reverb sound as well as a range of outstanding studio-quality delay and modulation effects. It’s also super-simple to use, and surprisingly affordable for the quality and flexibility it offers. So affordable, in fact, that you could easily add several to your system for sensational processing power. The Yamaha REV100: the easy way to add extraordinary ambiance to your sound.

99 Editable Presets —Exceptionally Easy Programming
The Yamaha REV100 is basically a no-fuss signal processor — just select one of its 99 top-quality preset effects and you’re ready to go. When you need something specially tailored to the occasion, however, the Yamaha REV100 makes editing extra easy.

The three most critical parameters for all effect programs are adjustable via rotary panel controls. No button-tapping to find or change settings — just rotate the appropriate controls until the sound is right. With reverb programs, for example, the panel controls give you direct access to the initial delay, reverb time, and high-frequency damping parameters — all you really need for full control.

Input level and dry/wet balance controls are also provided. And when you create a sound you want to keep, just press the STORE button to register it in the Yamaha REV100 memory. Of course, you can recall the original Yamaha presets whenever you like — either all at once or individually.

Each of the parameter controls also has an LED that lights when the control setting matches the preset parameter value. The presets include reverb, delay, and modulation effects, plus a range of combinations so if you need reverb and flanging, for example, it’s right at your fingertips.

True Stereo Reverb
With common mono-in/stereo-out processors you have a problem if you want to add reverb to a stereo signal. You can use two processor units, or mix the signal to mono and sacrifice the stereo image. The Yamaha REV100 actually has stereo inputs and outputs, and a range of true stereo reverb programs that offer realistic ambience without wiping out your stereo image. The Yamaha REV100 will also function in the standard mono-in/stereo-out mode if you don’t need stereo processing.

Superior Sound Quality
The quality of your effect sound is just as important as the original sound itself. If you’re aiming for first-rate sound you need to select your signal processor with the same care you’d use in selecting any other piece of critical audio equipment.

The Yamaha REV100 offers CD-quality sound with 16-bit A/D and D/A converters and a 44.1 kHz sampling rate. The result is full 20 Hz to 20kHz frequency response with exceptionally low noise and distortion, so your effects are totally clean and natural

Advanced MIDI Features
If you’ll be using the Yamaha REV100 in a MIDI music system, it offers some features that can make operation extra convenient. You can select effect programs via MIDI rather than the panel controls. This can be handy when you want to automatically select different effects for different patches on a synthesizer, for example. You can also use MIDI control change commands to actually change effect parameters, so you can vary the effect sound in real time while playing.

Studio quality effects anywhere you need them
The Yamaha REV100 can be added to a recording system in a multitude of ways to meet individual signal-processing requirements. Since the Yamaha REV100 is so affordable there’s no reason why you can’t use several at points where its outstanding processing power is most needed.

The “normal” way to use a signal-processor with a mixing console is patched into the aux send/effect return loop. But if you want to use the effects only on a specific instrument it might be more convenient to patch a Yamaha REV100 in-line between the instrument and mixer inputs. You could also patch into the insert I/O jacks of one or two channels if you want to apply the effects directly to low-level microphone signals or returns from a recorder. You might also want to have a Yamaha REV100 between the mixer direct or group outputs and your multitrack or master recorder, using the Yamaha REV100’s balance control to achieve the required effect mix.

  • Reverb Programs 1 — 20. This category includes the essential reverb effects such as realistic hall, room, and plate reverb simulations.
  • Stereo Reverb Programs 21 — 40. True stereo reverb effects that let you add ambiance to stereo signals without sacrificing the stereo image.
  • Gate Reverb Programs 41 — 50. A range of “gated” reverb effects that add warmth and ambiance while maintaining a tight sound.
  • Delay Programs 51 — 60. A selection of mono and stereo delay programs including straightforward one-shot repeats and complex bounce effects.
  • Delay/Reverb Programs 61 — 70. Combinations of delay and reverb that can add a little more life to your sound than delay or reverb alone.
  • Reverb/Modulation Programs 71 — 99. Reverb combined with a range of modulation effects including flange, symphonic, chorus, and tremolo.



Quantization: 16 bit
Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
Frequency Response: >20Hz – 20kHz
Dynamic Range: 80 dB
THD: <0.1%

Dimensions: 480(W) x 45(H) x 232(D)mm
Weight: 2.5 kg

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Yamaha REV100 Digital Reverberator Reviews

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(2 Reviews)

Build Quality 60%
Sound Quality 78%
Usefullness 50%
Mojo/Funk 40%
Reliability 85%

What other owners say...

Top in its budget league

By Rene Kirchner

Build Quality 90%
Sound Quality 75%
Usefullness 90%
Mojo/Funk 75%
Reliability 90%

Had it from 1996 – 2017! Never any issues! You get what you paid for – and that´s a lot. Super reliable and stable. The only thing that had a defect was the external Yamaha Power Supply.

Too bad about the -10dB in/outs

By Jens Blondie Hedemann

Build Quality 30%
Sound Quality 80%
Usefullness 10%
Mojo/Funk 5%
Reliability 80%

Sound great but the -10dB input makes it better suited for old school guitar rigs and small band PAs than for the studio work that I hope to use it for. Also the Symphonic is a little too “clean” compared to the SPX-90, but still in the ballpark though.

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