Akai PEQ6 Programmable Equalizer

Akai PEQ6
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The Akai PEQ6 is a 6 Channel Programmable 7 Band Equalizer Ideal for Shaping Synthesizer Sounds or for EQ Automation.  The Akai PEQ6 is a programmable equalizer with six independent channels. Each channel has a 7 band equalizer and associated line in/out jacks.

The equalizer center frequencies are 63 Hz, 160 Hz, 400Hz, 1kHz, 2.5kHz, 6.3kHz, 16kHz and can be attenuated or boosted ±12dB. The Akai PEQ6 is completely programmable and can store 32 banks of six channel EQ data. Program changes between banks can be selected by MIDI or with a foot switch making it easy to create resonant EQ settings for synthesizer patches or perform automated EQ.


  • Optimal for equalizing programs on the mixing network of the multi-keyboard section.
  • Optimal for equalizing of each effecter on the effecter network.
  • Tone quality of the synthesizer and sampler can be varied by powerful equalizing using the stack connection.


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Released: 1988
Frequency Response: > 20Hz – 20kHz
Dynamic Range: 95 dB
THD: 0.01%
Dimensions: 482.6(W) x 47.7(H) x 120(D)mm
Weight: 2 kg