AMS DMX Series Keyboard Interface & Chorus Controller

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The AMS DMX Series Keyboard Interface and Chorus Controller was a device to add on to the AMS DMX 15-80S Digital Delay. The chorus controller can be used to add functionality and effects to the DMX 15-80S, with the primary function being chorus.

In the chorus mode, the DMX 15-80S can create very convincing chorus and doubling effects at it’s outputs. Each of the outputs is given a slight pitch change and time delay that can mimic true vocal doubling. Speed and depth of the chorus is adjusted via the front panel controls.

In addition to the chorus effects, the DMX Controller can be used as a remote control for the pitch changers in the DMX 15-80S. The DMX 15-80S has only nudge buttons for pitch change, however the DMX Controller will let you adjust pitch over the full range using the rotary pots. The DMX Controller has another trick up it’s sleeve however. You can use it as an interface to control your DMX 15-80S from any analog synth with DC control voltages, such as a Moog.

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