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ART 01A Digital Reverb

The ART 01A is a digital reverb from around 1985, that was also licensed to MXR and sold with the same 01A name on the front panel, but refereed to as the Model 191 on the rear.


There is virtually no information available anywhere about the ART 01A that we can find. We have found an identical version of this reverb with MXR 01A badging, and on some models a notification on the front panel that it is manufactured by “mfg by ART Applied Research & Technology Inc” so I think it is safe to say that it is an ART product that MXR licensed.

There is also an MXR 01 which is also virtually identical, but has the manufactured by ART written on the back panel. It also sold for significantly more than a Lexicon PCM 60 at the time! The MXR 01 was reviewed in May 1984 by Mu:zines, so we figured the 01A would have been released the following year in 1985. If you have any information to share on this reverb, please contact us.



Quantization: Unknown
Sampling Frequency: Unknown
Frequency Response: Unknown
Dynamic Range: Unknown
THD: Unknown

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ART 01A Digital Reverb Reviews

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Community Score


(1 Review)

Build Quality 25%
Sound Quality 70%
Usefullness 50%
Mojo/Funk 95%
Reliability 5%

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Beware Cannot be Repaired

By Hollowman9

Build Quality 25%
Sound Quality 70%
Usefullness50 50%
Mojo/Funk 95%
Reliability 5%

 I bought one a few years back. Sounded great for about 15 minutes then became intermittent and eventually died. Post mortem found faulty connections between the two PCBs. The connections were header pins going into IC sockets. Very bad design. Because of bad connection an IC died – it was too hot to touch. But ART removed all the labels on the ICs so no clue which IC it is. And the schematics are unobtaineum. Besides that dodgy connection the thing is built like a tank. Can’t understand why they cheaped out on the PCB connection and will never understand the practice of removing labels from internal components. Shameful IMO. Yet I’m currently bidding on another one. It sounded that good. Very gritty but in a good way. Hopefully this one survives longer….

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