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Dynacord TAM 19

Dynacord TAM 19 Stereo Multiflanger System

The Dynacord TAM 19 Stereo Multiflanger System was released in 1979 and produces unique flanging effects.


The bases for all the effects produced by the Dynacord TAM 19 are phase displacements controlled by various parameters. The direct signal is delayed by two extremely low noise delay lines (retardation networks), and controlled by various outside influences. This control is effected manually – by hand or with the foot pedal control – or automatically using the integral triangulation generator.

The third control mode is based on the mean value of the input signal (averaged), which allows the artist to control the unit directly. These variously controlled signals are then remixed with the original signal in various switchable patterns. At switch position + the two channels are mixed parallel (concordant); in position – the channels are mixed opposed, whereby in the latter a spatial stereophonic effect is created.

Positive or negative flanging effects are generated with long delay times, phasing effects with extremely short delays. Pitch shifting and track offset effects are generated in the double track mode, in the setting by a parallel vibrato in both channels, in the – by opposed vibrato. The effect signal thus comprises only frequency shifts, which create intensity effects only after proportional mixing with the original signal.

The mix controls should therefore be in their center positions. We recommend the settings on page 6 for the first time the unit is used, in order to familiarize yourself with the basic functions before attempting variations.



Frequency Response: 30Hz – 12.5kHz
Dynamic Range: 75dB
THD: Below 2%

Dimensions: 483mm x 132.5mm x 255mm
Weight: 7kg

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