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50th Anniversary Eventide Omnipressor 2830au

50th Anniversary Eventide Omnipressor 2830au

In a landmark celebration of half a century of groundbreaking audio innovation, Eventide, the pioneering audio equipment manufacturer, has unveiled the 50th-anniversary edition of their legendary Omnipressor, the Eventide Omnipressor 2830au. This milestone release is a testament to Eventide’s enduring commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology and redefining sound manipulation.

The Omnipressor, originally introduced in 1971, has played a pivotal role in shaping the music and audio production industry. From its origins in the hands of legendary artists like Brian May of Queen, to its continued use in modern music, this iconic piece of equipment has earned its place in the pantheon of audio effects.

The 50th-anniversary Eventide Omnipressor 2830au stands as a symbol of Eventide’s enduring legacy. This professional-grade dynamic modifier is more than just an effects processor; it’s a versatile powerhouse that combines the functionalities of a compressor, expander, noise gate, and limiter into one convenient package.

One of the standout features of the Omnipressor is its dynamic reversal capability. This unique attribute can transform high-level input signals into something lower than their low-level counterparts. Musically, it can invert the attack-decay envelope of instruments such as plucked strings, drums, and even lend a surreal “talking backward” effect to voice signals.

Eventide Omnipressor 2830au

The Eventide Omnipressor 2830au isn’t just about nostalgia; it’s a forward-thinking device designed to meet the demands of modern audio professionals. It offers a wide range of controls that are essential for program-controlled gain changes.

The Expansion/Compression control is continuously variable, ranging from a 10:1 expansion (gate) to a -10:1 compression (abrupt reversal). The attenuation and gain limit controls provide an impressive range, allowing for gain adjustments from a full 60dB to as little as plus or minus 1dB. Moreover, variable time constant controls allow for fine-tuning of attack and decay times over a substantial 1000:1 ratio.

For those who seek precision in their audio manipulation, the Eventide Omnipressor 2830au is an invaluable tool. It offers supreme control over dynamic modification, allowing audio professionals to sculpt sound with unparalleled accuracy.

The Omnipressor’s bass-cut switch further enhances its adaptability, enabling users to limit low-frequency response in the level detector. This feature ensures that audio remains focused on the desired frequency range.

With its innovative features and rich history, the Omnipressor continues to be a go-to choice for renowned musicians, producers, and engineers. The 50th-anniversary release represents a fitting tribute to the legacy of Eventide and the enduring impact of this iconic piece of audio equipment.

Eventide’s dedication to excellence is encapsulated in the Eventide Omnipressor 2830au, a testament to the brand’s continued commitment to shaping the future of sound. For both audio veterans and the new generation of creators, the Omnipressor remains a timeless companion in the quest for sonic excellence.

As Eventide celebrates 50 years of redefining audio, the Eventide Omnipressor 2830au stands as a beacon of innovation, marking a milestone that promises to shape the future of music and audio production for years to come.

The release of the Omnipressor does beg the question: Will we be seeing a 50th anniversary release of the much sought after Eventide H3000 sometime soon?