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SSL G3 MultiBusComp Plugin

SSL G3 MultiBusComp Plugin

Solid State Logic has introduced the groundbreaking G3 MultiBusComp Plug-In, expanding the capabilities of the iconic SSL Bus Compressor into the multiband realm. This new offering allows users to harness the power of the legendary SSL Bus Compressor across multiple frequency bands, opening up exciting possibilities for dynamic control and sonic sculpting.

The SSL G3 MultiBusComp Plug-in, is a revolutionary addition that elevates the acclaimed G-Series Bus Compressor to new heights with its cutting-edge multiband processing and advanced feature set. This enhancement infuses the legendary glue and punch maker with unprecedented production power and versatility, promising an even more exceptional audio experience.


  • 3 bands of classic SSL “glue” compression
  • Per-band ‘4K’ drive harmonic control for adding warmth and character
  • Powerful per-band sidechaining routing and processing
  • Parameter linking
  • Band graph view
  • High-Quality mode


SSL G3 MultiBusComp Plugin

Experience the enhanced power of the G3 MultiBusComp, whether you seek to add that final polish to your production, carve out space in your mix using its robust sidechain routing, or precisely refine problematic recordings. This plug-in takes the classic G Series Bus Compressor to a whole new level.

You can access the G3 MultiBusComp as part of SSL Complete, with pricing starting from just $14.99 per month (T&Cs apply), through the SSL Rent To Own plan, or with a full perpetual purchase option – the choice is yours.

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