Roland SDD-320 Dimension D Chorus

Roland SDD-320 Dimension D
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The Roland SDD-320 Dimension D is a specially designed chorus effect unit for adding spatial effects to stereo and monaural sound sources. Monaural inputs are converted from a single point sound source into a sound which fills the entire stereo field. The Dimension D gives a new dimension without the apparent movement of sound produced by most other chorus devices.


  • Both balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs for ease of use in the studio or on the stage
  • Click-free noiseless switching between four different dimension modes.
  • Remote controlled dimension EFFECT/NORMAL function.
  • Fast acting LED level indicators,
  • Low noise (S/N greater than 95dB, “A” weighted) .
  • Standard 19″ rack mount


The Dimension Mode selector button provide different effects, MODE 1 produces the softest effect and MODE 4 produces the strongest effect. At OFF the sound passes through the SDD-320 without change.

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Released: 1981
Quantization: N/A
Sampling Frequency: N/A
Frequency Response: Unknown
Dynamic Range: >95dB
THD: Unknown

Plug-In Options
Universal Audio Studio D
The Studio D Chorus plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces is an exacting emulation of this sought-after rack unit, deftly capturing its musical bucket-brigade circuit, the key to its complex range of sounds and textures.
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