Classic Track

Welcome to the Black Parade

My Chemical Romance
Chris Lorde Alge's mix on Welcome to the Black Parade is a clear indicator of why he has been so successfull
My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the black parade
Recorded: April 2006
Released: 12 September, 2006
Producer: Rob Cavallo
Recording Engineer: Doug McKean
Mix Engineer: Chris Lord Alge
Mastering Engineer: Ted Jensen

Welcome to the Black Parade was the first single released from My Chemical Romance’s third studio album, The Black Parade. The song is a complex recording with over 150 tracks recorded, something which presents any mix engineer with a huge challenge.

That challenge is made even more difficult when you are mixing a song that starts as a ballad, blends in a marching band, then full hard rock band and orchestra. The song is nothing short of brilliant, a fact confirmed by the many accolades it has received upon it’s release in 2006, and it’s inclusion since on many list of great songs.

Welcome to the Black Parade is a truly epic song and in combination with the excellent production by Rob Cavello and the extraordinary mix by Chris Lord Alge it has become a true classic.

Chris Lord Alge has used his Sony DRE 2000 reverb on drums with a short 1 second decay. Roland SDE-3000 was used for delays on the vocals and of course the Urie 1176 compressors were used here as they have been on thousands of records before. The Lexicon 300 was used for the orchestra sections.

As if the recording was not enough to impress, the band created a sterling video to promote the single, itself a truly epic production.

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