Yamaha SPX-50D Digital Sound Processor

Yamaha SPX-50D
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The Yamaha SPX-50D is a remarkably versatile digital sound processor that can be used by guitarists, keyboard players, home recording enthusiasts, mixing engineers — anyone involved with music. It offers a selection of 50 top-quality effects including digital reverberation, gated reverb, echo, flange, phase and a group of superb distortion effects. The distortion effects actually combine distortion with Other effects (reverb, flange, etc.) for extraordinary sound processing versatility.

In addition to the 50 pre-programmed memory locations, there are 50 “user memory locations” which can be used to store your own edited versions of the preset effect programs, so you can recall your own effect creations anytime they are necessary. There’s even an INSERT loop that allows you to switch a second signal processor unit into and out of the SPX50D signal path by simply pressing a button. The Yamaha SPX-50D is also MIDI compatible so you can select effects via remote MIDI control.

In order to fully take advantage of all the capability offered by the Yamaha SPX-50D, we urge you to read the operation manual thoroughly.

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Released: 1987
Quantization: 16 bit
Sampling Frequency: 31.25kHz
Frequency Response: > 20Hz – 12kHz
Dynamic Range: >74 dB
THD: <0.1%
Dimensions: 482(W) x 45.2(H) x 285(D)mm
Weight: 3.6 kg

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