Dynacord PDD 14 Digital Delay

The Dynacord PDD 14 released in 1984, is a studio-grade, programmable Digital Delay designed and manufactured in Germany.

Dynacord PDD 14

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Up to eight different sounds can be programmed into the non-volatile memory and accessed directly. There is also the possibility to alter the stored programs without altering the memory contents.


The Dynacord PDD 14 generates Echo (to 760 msec.), Flanging, Doubling and Chorus Effects at studio quality. The quasi 14-bit system works without any “breathing”. Manually change a memorised: Program and effect OFF are shown on the display by the flashing program number or a point.

LED chain for input signal, Input-level controller with sensitivity adjustment, Display for program number and delay time, 8 program buttons, Tone control, VCO control with speed indicator, Mixed-out and output level faders, repeat function and ground lift switch, and foot switch.

PFS 14 – The foot switch PFS 14 (OPTIONAL) allows direct access to eight program memory, as well as the effect ON/OFF function and simultaneously displays the number of the selected track program.


Released: 1984

Quantization: Quasi 14bit
Sampling Frequency: Unknown
Frequency Response: 20Hz-15kHz
Dynamic Range: 85dB
THD: Below 0.1%

Dynacord PDD 14 Digital Delay Reviews

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Community Score


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Build Quality 83%
Sound Quality 75%
Usefullness 78%
Mojo/Funk 88%
Reliability 70%

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Fantastic vintage delay

By Randy

Build Quality 90%
Sound Quality 90%
Usefullness 90%
Mojo/Funk 100%
Reliability 90%

Dirty digital modulation madness

By Markus Diehl

Build Quality 95%
Sound Quality 100%
Usefullness 100%
Mojo/Funk 100%
Reliability 85%

To my knowledge the PDD-14 was Dynacord’s first digital effect unit. Has 12 Bit converters, about 760ms delay time, adjustable tilt EQ for the delays and modulation thru a VCO. It can also store up to 8 settings. This thing is Lo-Fi and dirty as it can get! It’s not your 2290, D-Two or SDD-3000. Think of it more like a digital Deluxe Memory Man. Rock-solid build quality but some units suffer from dry capacitors, dying ICs or faulty buttons, so check that before buying one.

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