Roland SDE-1000 Digital Delay

Roland SDE-1000
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The Roland SDE-1000 Digital Delay is a high quality digital delay machine with various attractive features including chorus.

  • Wide Frequency Characteristic, Low Harmonic Distortion
    and Low Noise.
  • Long Delay Time (Max. 1125ms)
  • Highly Accurate Delay Time Display (10.1 ms step indication from 0 to 10mB).
  • Memory function retaining up to four different panel settings.
  • Modulation Fool Control and Preset Shift Jacks useful for live performance.
  • Play Mate Jack that enables delay time setting with the Foot Control.
  • The Hold Jack ollows delay sound repetition.
  • Delay Remote Jack that is useful for turning the Delay effect on or off.
  • The Twin Output jacks useful for stereo performance such as Chorus effect.


The Roland SDE-1000 Digital Delay uses a 12bit system with a less than CD sampling rate, which yields a lower frequency response than CD and is part of the reason for the sonic signature of the delayed signal.

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Roland SDE-1000 Digital Delay Reviews

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(2 Reviews)

Build Quality 95%
Sound Quality 93%
Usefullness 93%
Mojo/Funk 90%
Reliability 98%

What other owners say...

Another milestone in my studio

By Cardioid

Build Quality 100%
Sound Quality 100%
Usefullness 100%
Mojo/Funk 100%
Reliability 100%

When I received this delay, I was in heaven. I sat there for days on end with a guitar and played rhythmic textures with the delay providing dotted or triplet accompaniments. I was so intoxicated that I could not leave it alone for more than a few hours.

When I received a synth with sequencer later on, it became even more addictive. I loved the solid feel of the delay and ease of operation far better than the one-box-does-it-all approach of later generation effect boxes. There was only one point to complain. The programmer, which only includes 4 storage buffers, does not remember the modulation settings, only if the modulation was on or off.

I though that was a serious oversight, greatly reducing the usefulness of the programming feature. Other than that, it was one of my favorite pieces of equipment for many years (which is also what lured me into writing this review). Well done, Roland. The next box by Roland providing this much excitement was the venerable SRV-2000.


By Michael Behringer

Build Quality 90%
Sound Quality 85%
Usefullness 85%
Mojo/Funk 80%
Reliability 95%

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Released: 1984
Quantization: Unknown
Sampling Frequency: Unknown
Frequency Response: 10Hz-17kHz
Dynamic Range: 80dB
THD: Below 0.08%