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Dynacord DRP-20

Dynacord DRP 20 Digital Reverb Processor

The Dynacord DRP 20 is really two channels constructed. with stereophonic inputs and stereophonic outputs. They allow him as a true stereo device (stereo in stereo), as a transformer balanced two-channel device (2x mono to mono) or as a normal Stereo device to use (mono in stereo).

Dynacord PDD 14

Dynacord PDD 14 Digital Delay

The Dynacord PDD 14 is a studio-grade, Digital Delay unit. Up to eight different sounds can be programmed into the non-volatile memory and accessed directly.

Dynacord was founded way back in 1945/46 by Werner Pinternagel in Germany. Dynacord began making tube amplifiers and eventually branched out into all professional audio products. They enjoyed success in the 1980s with the range of digital reverbs.

In 1990 Dynacord was sold to the American company Telex Communications . Dynacord has been part of the BOSCH security system group since January 1st, 2006 . Amplifiers, mixers and loudspeakers are still sold under the Dynacord brand.

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