Classic Track

Road To Nowhere

Talking Heads
Talking Heads Road to Nowhere
Recorded: October 1984 – March 1985
Released: September 1985
Producer: Talking Heads
Recording Engineer: Eric Thorngren & Melanie West
Mix Engineer: Eric Thorngren & Jerry Harrison
Mastering Engineer: Matt Skinner

The year of 1985 was dominated by hit after hit from Talking Heads. The album Little Creatures was a smash hit for the band and is quite possibly the bands finest hour. The album Stop Making Sense that came before it certainly helped push the band to the fore, proving the band had the chops live, with killer versions of their hits that were in many ways better than the studio recordings.

While the album from which Road To Nowhere comes from, Little Creatures was full of hits, it was Road To Nowhere that truly broke Talking Heads in the UK, where the song did far better than in the US. It reached the number 6 spot in the UK but only managed 25 on the Billboard chart.

For David Byrne’s vocals, Byrne sang into a Neumann U87 microphone. This went through the MCI console’s mic pre and a Universal Audio LA2A going to tape.

Engineer Eric Thorngren used the DeltaLabs DL-4 to provide 30-45 milliseconds of slap for drums and vocals and studio staples such as the EMT 250 digital reverb and Lexicon 224 for reverb duties. In addition he used the Marshal Time Modulator for chorusing and a Roland SDD-320 Dimension D for the bass.

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