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Yamaha SREV1

Yamaha SRev1 Sampling Reverberator

Unlike conventional digital reverberators, which synthesize reverberation using contrived signal-processing algorithms, the new Yamaha SRev1 Sampling Reverberator from Yamaha employs digital convolution processing to impose an acoustic “fingerprint” of a previously measured environment onto any audio signal.

Yamaha ProR3

Yamaha ProR3 Digital Reverberator

The Yamaha ProR3 marks a new era in Yamaha’s reverberation technology. Third-generation Yamaha digital signal processors (DSP) with 32 bit digital signal processing and high-performance 20 bit linear A/D and D/A converters.

Yamaha D5000

Yamaha D5000 Digital Delay

With its high-quality 20-bit sound, the Yamaha D5000 Professional Digital Delay is the perfect choice for studio and sound reinforcement applications.

Yamaha REV100

Yamaha REV100 Digital Reverberator

If you’re looking for the kind of reverb, delay, and modulation effects that can give your sound a serious lift, take a good look at the Yamaha REV100 Digital Reverberator.

Yamaha SPX-50D

Yamaha SPX-50D Digital Sound Processor

The Yamaha SPX-50D is a remarkably versatile digital sound processor that can be used by guitarists, keyboard players, home recording enthusiasts and mixing engineers.

Yamaha REV5

Yamaha Rev5 Digital Reverberator

The REV 5 is a highly sophisticated digital reverberation and effects system which offers warm, accurate simulations of natural and plate reverberation, extensive control, and basically superior sound quality.

Yamaha SPX90II

Yamaha SPX90II Multi-Effects Processor

The Yamaha SPX90II is an amalgam of advanced acoustical research and digital technology designed to provide musicians and home recording enthusiasts with a wide range of exciting effects.

Yamaha SPX90

Yamaha SPX90 Multi-Effects Processor

The Yamaha SPX90 is an amalgam of advanced acoustical research and digital technology designed to provide home recording enthusiasts a wide range of effects.

Yamaha REV7

Yamaha Rev7 Digital Reverberator

The Yamaha REV7 Professional Digital Reverberator, is a state-of-the-art sound processing device that is both extremely versatile and easy to operate.

Yamaha R1000

Yamaha R1000 Digital Reverberation

Incorporating the most up-to-date advancements in digital signal processing, the Yamaha R1000 brings high performance to a highly versatile and affordable digital reverb unit.

Yamaha REV1

Yamaha Rev1 Digital Reverberator

The Yamaha Rev1 is a highly refined system offering superb performance and is well suited for use in recording studios, broadcasting, and for sound reinforcement.

Yamaha is a company that is so diverse in product it can make your head spin. The fact that they are so capable in each of their product categories is amazing.

Everything from motorcycles to pianos, home stereo and home theatre products, through to professional audio products including digital mixers, amplifiers and speakers.

Yamaha has a long and very successful history with digital audio processors. Their first was in 1983 with the release of the Yamaha REV1 Digital Reverb. The REV1 was a high end professional reverb targeted at the big studios to take on the likes of Lexicon and AMS, the big names of the day. They made little impact at the time, regardless of the quality of the unit.

The following year Yamaha released a more affordable digital reverb for the smaller and home studio market, the Yamaha R1000. Again, huge success did not come, but the R1000 those with lesser means, to get into the world of digital reverb.

It wasn’t until the Yamaha’s next release that things really took off. The Yamaha REV7 hit the market in 1985 and was a big hit. Falling somewhere between the R1000 and REV1 in terms of sonic capability, the REV7 was a huge hit because it’s reverbs were great, and it offered many other effects on top of reverb, such as delay and modulation effects.

Many studios around the world added a Yamaha REV7 to their effects racks, some still have them too. Not content with that, Yamaha then made their next major move with the release of the Yamaha SPX90, also in 1985. The Yamaha SPX90 was a game changer, as it provided smaller studios and home studios a full effects rack in one single rack space and it was affordable. Everything from reverb to delay, modulation and everything in between was offered. The SPX90 was a monster success for Yamaha, and today it is the most viewed product on Vintage Digital by a long long way.

On the back of the success with the REV7 and SPX90, Yamaha continued to offer newer upgraded models of each and their success continued. Today they still offer the SPX2000 which has everything Yamaha learned about digital effects, in a single rack space, and  has been in production now since 2003.

Their long history in digital effects has provided us with some great products which are still sought after today, with the standouts being the REV5, ProR3, SPX2000 and the SPX90.

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