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Yamaha R1000 Digital Reverberation

After working on delivering a high end digital reverb in the Yamaha REV1, they decided to tackle the other end of the market with the Yamaha R1000 digital reverb. By comparison, the Yamaha R1000 was most definitely not in the same league as it's more expensive sibling, but it afforded home musicians a taste of digital reverb that delivered pretty good results.


Incorporating the most up-to-date advancements in digital signal processing, the Yamaha R1000 brings high performance to a highly versatile and affordable digital reverb unit.

The Yamaha R1000 has been designed for use with a wide range of instruments, stage equipment and mixers. Controls are not only simple, but offer flexible operation as well, reverb and direct sound may be varied continuously in any of four different reverb time settings, and input/output levels adjusted for compatibility with peripheral equipment.

For precise acoustical control of music sources under a wide range of conditions, a three-band parametric equalizer enables continuously variable adjustment at low, mid and high frequencies. A 4-segment LED meter is also provided to aid users in tailoring input levels to avoid clipping while maintaining a high signal-to-noise ratio.


  • Mixing capability ensures versatile, precise adjustment of reverb and direct signals.
  • Reverb time setting is easily adjustable by means of selector switch.
  • Equipped with foot switch terminal for on-stage bypass switching.
  • Three-band parametric equalizer controls enable effective, extremely flexible adjustment from natural reverb sound applications to use as a reverb unit.
  • Completely eliminates undesirable physical vibration effects of spring-type reverb units. Operation is highly stable, so unit can be employed in virtually all situations.
  • Fully arranged controls, outstanding performance.
    • 4-segment LED meter give clear indication of input levels.
    • Easy in-out connection with outboard equipment.
    • Designed for mounting in standard 19 inch racks.



Quantization: Unknown
Sampling Frequency: Unknown
Frequency Response: > 30Hz – 10kHz
Dynamic Range: 75 dB
THD: Unknown

Reverberation Time:
Mode 1: 1.5 sec
Mode 2: 1.6 sec
Mode 3: 2.3 sec
Mode 4: 2.4 sec

Dimensions: 480(W) x 45(H) x 311.5(D)mm
Weight: 4.8 kg

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