Yamaha SPX-90 Plug-In

Yamaha SPX-90 Plug-In

There are a huge number of vintage digital effects on this website now, everything from the lower end Alesis gear, to the high end Eventide Harmonizers, but nothing comes close the Yamaha SPX-90 in terms of page visits. Every single day, the Yamaha SPX-90 is the number one effect processor that YOU guys are looking at. Sure the Eventide H3000 is one of the holy grail of vintage effects, particularly for guitarists, but not all of us can afford one as even today they go for pretty serious money.

Perhaps it is the affordability that is the appeal of the Yamaha SPX-90, as it was when it was first released back in 1985. One particular effect that appeals greatly, is the Symphonic patch (Check out our video) which is something akin to a mega chorus that adds a beautiful tone a stereo spread to anything from bass to synth pads and guitars.

Second hand Yamaha SPX-90s were going for about US$250 a few years ago, today they are fetching up to US$500. The fact you can still buy the later model SPX-90 II for US$250 says something about the rising value of the original Yamaha SPX-90s.

With Eventide having made a number of plugins for their classic older effects processors, perhaps it is time that Yamaha, made hay while the sun shines? Surely, we are ready for some of the other classic effects to be replicated in a plugin, given the lust for them still? I think so Yamaha, your move…

Do you want a Yamaha SPX90 Plugin?

Yamaha SPX90

Check out our Impulse Response Library of the Yamaha SPX90 for Altiverb.


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