Classic Track

Sweet Child of Mine

One of the world's most iconic guitar sounds, Slash's Sweet Child Of Mine utilising two Roland SRV-2000s.
Roland SRV-2000 MIDI Digital Reverb

The full setup for Slash's guitar tone can be found on the Guitar World Website.

Recorded: 1987
Released: June 21, 1988

One of the most iconic songs in rock history, Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N’ Roses, is best known for the incredible guitar riff played by Slash. The song’s distinctive sound was achieved through the use of two Roland SRV-2000 digital reverb units, which were an essential part of the band’s signature sound.

The Roland SRV-2000 was a cutting-edge digital reverb at the time of the song’s recording in the late 1980s. The unit was known for its grainy sound that perfectly complemented Slash’s guitar tone (also very good on snares). However, what many people don’t know is that the SRV-2000 was also capable of behaving like a digital delay.

To achieve this effect, the band utilized a few secret button sequences, which involved holding down the Reverb/Non Linear, Write, and Room Simulate buttons while powering on the unit. This would allow them to set the Delay Time to 318ms, Feedback to 30, and the Output to 50, creating the signature “stab” effect heard in the song.

For the iconic slide part in the song, the delay time was increased to 425ms, and the signal was then run into a second Roland SRV-2000 in reverb mode, set to the Plate A reverb patch. This added a lush and expansive reverb to Slash’s guitar tone, giving the song its epic sound.

The combination of these effects, along with Slash’s incredible guitar playing, helped make Sweet Child of Mine one of the most iconic rock songs of all time. It’s a testament to the power of creative experimentation and using technology in new and innovative ways to achieve a unique and unforgettable sound.