Vintage Digital


Classic Recording Studio Equipment

Led by Grammy award-winning audio pioneer Daniel Weiss, Weiss Engineering has spent decades developing cutting-edge digital audio equipment for professional audio engineering and high-end home systems. All products are manufactured in Switzerland.

The Weiss EQ1 is a seven-band stereo equalizer in a league of its own. It is no coincidence that it has been a staple at world-class mastering and mixing studios for decades.
The Weiss ADC2 was designed for recording situations where there is no room for compromises. Every detail in its intricate circuitry serves to perfectly capture every nuance of the incoming audio and maintain the signal’s integrity all the way to your recording medium.
For precise and musical dynamics control, the Weiss DS1 Mk3 is one of the most revered dynamics processors ever created. Leading mastering and mixing engineers praise its transparency, unique feature set, and versatility.