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Classic Recording Studio Equipment

Dangerous Music is composed exclusively of musicians, studio owners, producers and engineers – the very same group of people for whom Dangerous products are designed. That’s the magic: living the recording experience on both sides of the control room glass and constantly working to improve it. From the inception, building to a “price point” was ignored in favor of: Audio Quality First – sonic integrity is non-negotiable. The brain trust at Dangerous determines the product’s function, feature set and how to make it sound as transparent and musical as humanly possible. Building the gear they want to use.

With its sophisticated dual detector circuit, unique Smart Dynamics section, automatic attack and release function, unmatched versatility and incredibly transparent, audiophile-grade sound, The Compressor from Dangerous Music is today’s most intelligent analogue compressor, and a true modern classic.
The Dangerous the Convert-2 tops an elite class of dedicated stereo digital-to-analog converters in both sound and ease of use. The Convert-2 goes beyond transparency – you won’t just hear everything, you’ll hear it beautifully.
At the heart of this stereo unit are gently sweeping treble and bass EQ shelves (the Baxandall Curves) that give you subtle yet profound control over wide sections of the frequency spectrum. The opposite of a surgical tool, the BAX EQ is all about sweetening sounds with broad, musical adjustments.
Painstakingly designed without compromise, adhering only to the core philosophies of “transparent, yet musical” that have come to define Dangerous, the CONVERTAD+ is profoundly detailed, to capture your sound with an unrestricted, potent low end and an unhyped clarity that holds true from the midrange through the open top end.