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ART DR1 Digital Reverb

The ART DR1 is a 16bit Digital Reverb released in 1986, with a bandwidth of 14kHz, and capable of producing high quality digital reverb. An optional remote control was available.


ART DR2a Digital Reverberation System

The ART DR2a Digital Reverberation System is a high quality digital signal processing device providing realistic natural reverberation as well as creative new reverb effects.


ART 01A Digital Reverb

The ART 01A is a digital reverb from around 1985, that was also licensed to MXR and sold with the same 01A name on the front panel, but refereed to as the Model 191 on the rear.

ART (applied Research and Technology) was founded in 1984 in the USA. ART began life as an innovative designer and manufacturer of effects processors, many of which were targeted at guitar players.

Their early products were aimed at studios however and they made many products that are quite rare these days. The three products listed here do not come up for sale often, but when they do are reasonably priced.

Sadly, in later years ART moved production to China and the build quality of their products took a significant downward trend. Sad, because they do make some interesting product, at least from a design perspective.

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