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Classic Recording Studio Equipment

ART (Applied Research and Technology) was founded in 1984 in the USA. ART began life as an innovative designer and manufacturer of effects processors, many of which were targeted at guitar players. Their early products were aimed at studios however and they made many products that are quite rare these days. The three products listed here do not come up for sale often, but when they do are reasonably priced. Sadly, in later years ART moved production to China and the build quality of their products took a significant downward trend. Sad, because they do make some interesting product, at least from a design perspective.

The ART 01A is a digital reverb from around 1985, that was also licensed to MXR and sold with the same 01A name on the front panel, but refereed to as the Model 191 on the rear.
The ART DR2a Digital Reverberation System is a high quality digital signal processing device providing realistic natural reverberation as well as creative new reverb effects. In designing the DR2a, ART incorporated the latest findings in digital reverberation research and gave careful consideration to user feedback on desirable features.
The software based ART DR1 Digital Reverb has 46-bit technology and 14KHz bandwidth, giving you wide dynamic range and frequency response. This range and response result in high definition performance. Couple this technology with the convenience of full function remote control, 0ver 100 user presets and full MIDl capability.
The ART MPA Gold Two-Channel microphone preamplifiers use differential input Class-A two-channel tube microphone preamp design with variable input impedance and selectable tube plate voltage to create the most versatile high performance microphone preamplifiers in its class. It delivers unmatched warmth, presence and clarity.
The ART Pro Channel from ART is the latest offering from the world’s most popular tube dynamics processing manufacturer. ART engineers have combined the world-renowned Pro MPA, Pro VLA, and Tube EQ into a single product – creating the world’s best-sounding and most affordable professional recording channel.
The SCL2 is a highly sophisticated and flexible dynamics processor designed for easy operation and great tone.
The all new ART Digital MPA-II delivers all of the same great features of the ProMPA with the added versatility of digital output. Like the ProMPA-II, each input circuit has 48v phantom power and features variable input impedance which can radically vary the overall performance of any high quality dynamic or ribbon microphone.
The ART Pro VLA II is a tube driven Vactrol®-based Compressor / Leveling amplifier designed to excel in any professional audio environment.
The ART TransY compressor/limiter features a discrete, low noise transistor audio path using a Field Effect Transistor for level control producing incredible detail.