Vintage Digital


DeltaLab were a USA based professional audio company out of Chelmsford, Massachusetts who enjoyed success in the late 1970s with a range of primarily digital delay products.

Deltalab DL-2 Acousticomputer

DeltaLab introduces the Delatlab DL-2 Acousticomputer, a flexible and rugged all-electronic ‘space machine’ with highly musical sound quality and a surprisingly modest price. The Delatlab DL-2 Acousticomputer is a combination digital delay and special effects processor designed for use both on stage and in the studio, providing well known functions plus some new effects not available in any other device.

DeltaLab DL-4 Digital Delay

The DeltaLab DL-4 TIME LINE is a studio quality special effects processor designed for the professional musician to use in live performances. The DeltaLab DL-4 is a derivative of their highly successful DL-2 ACOUSTICOMPUTER which brings total performance to the performing musician previously attainable in very expensive delay lines.
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