Vintage Digital


Classic Recording Studio Equipment

IGS Audio is now one the most desired studio equipment brands in Poland and it is continuously expanding internationally. The original IGS Audio products qualify as pretenders to no.1. All gear manufactured by IGS Audio is accurate and excellent.

“The IGS Tubecore is the finest mastering compressor ever created and it adds density and dimension to your mix in a magical way.”
The IGS V8 Compressor is a fully discrete path with transformers and transistors only offering smooth and gentle compression.
The IGS Rubber Bands Equalizer offers an all tube Pultec style equalizer.
The IGS Zolfram Limiter is a dual mono version of the legendary 1176 limiter, used on thousands of recordings around the world..
The IGS iQ Inductor Equalizer offers the sweetest parametric EQ sound, with inductors offering similar saturation to transformers.
The IGS Double Triode Limiter is more than classic tube triode microphone preamp. The old-fashioned design was upgraded with a musical opto-limiter. The limiter is based on circuit used in 60’s and 70’s.
The IGS Spring Time is a 4-channel analog studio reverb built using pairs of springs. One short and one long pair. Every channel has separate wet and dry volume knobs. Also, each channel has a 3 band EQ for the wet signal.
The IGS Pure Tube Channel is a high-end, no compromise channel strip design haling from Europe.
The IGS Tilt n Bands Mastering Equalizer is a full tube Mastering Equalizer unlike any other.
IGS Multicore Multi-Band Compressor offers three bands of classic analog VCA compression and an infinite field of possibilities to shape the sound.
If you want your music sounds like yin n’ yang, you need a ZEN.