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Korg are and have always been a keyboard company, but during the 1980s and early 1990s they ventured into the world of digital effects processors quite successfully. Korg have made a number of excellent processors that appealed to studios, keyboard players and guitarists too. Their A3 processor is loved by guitarists, and made famous by The Edge from U2. But perhaps their greatest and mot loved product was the Korg SDD-3000 digital delay. They rarely come up for sale these days and not cheap when they do. Thankfully Korg have put it back into production in a pedal form.

The Korg SDD-3000 is one of those effects that has retained it’s appeal even after decades of newer product coming after it. The Korg SDD-3000 digital delay has remained so popular that Korg themselves have re-introduced it in a guitar pedal form, as it was guitarists that fell in love with this very capable delay.
The Korg DRV-3000 is designed and constructed to professional specifications, and incorporates sophisticated state-of-the-art LSI technology to create a wide variety of superb effects.  The Korg DRV-3000 can be used in virtually any music situation where high-performance sound processing is required, and is particularly suited to MIDI applications.
The Korg DRV-2000 Digital Reverb is a creative digital reverb that responds like a musical instrument – because it responds to the way you play. The Korg DRV-2000. Much more than a professional 24-bit digital reverberation unit. Much more than a MIDI compatible multi-effects unit, featuring 16 programs like Gate Reverb, Stereo Echo, Flanger, Space Pan, and dual effects programs like Reverb and Echo and Reverb and Chorus.
Korg had made a number of effects units by the time the Korg A1 was released, and for this unit they went all out to match the competition. The Korg A1 was designed to surpass the usual limitations of digital multi-effect processors.