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Roland SRV-3030

Roland SRV-3030 24bit Digital Reverb

This unit represents a culmination of our efforts toward refining the core performance capabilities of a dedicated reverb unit. With 24-bit AD/DA converter and 24-bit digital input/output, the Roland SRV-3030 provides high-quality digital reverb and multi-effects.

Roland SDX-330

Roland SDX-330 Dimensional Expander

The Roland SDX-330 is a high quality studio effects unit designed to provide exceptional digital effects such as Chorus, Flanging, Phasing and Delays along with a variety of pitch based effects.

Roland SDE-330

Roland SDE-330 Dimensional Space Delay

Designed as a result of painstaking efforts directed at redefining and redeveloping all the essential features that a professional-quality, dedicated reverb should have.

Roland SRV-330

Roland SRV-330 Dimensional Space Reverb

The effects produced by Roland SRV-330 can rival those of much costlier devices. This is because the Roland SRV-330 uses 16-bit, 44.1kHz digital processing, and was designed as a result of painstaking efforts.

Roland SRP-550

Roland RSP-550 Stereo Signal Processor

The Roland RSP-550 is equipped with a wide variety of high-quality effects which are suited to a great range of applications; whether it be for line signal processing or for enhancing musical instrument sounds.

Roland R-880

Roland R-880 Digital Reverb

The Roland R-880 Digital Reverb and GC-8 Graphic Controlier are the first in a new generation of signal-processing devices for the professional recording, production, and post-production studio.

Roland SDE-2500

Roland SDE-2500 MIDI Digital Delay

Featuring 15 bit equivalent digital companding PCM, the Roland SDE-2500 allows dynamic range of wider than 96dB, and total harmonic distortion of better than 0.05%.

Roland SRV-2000

Roland SRV-2000 MIDI Digital Reverb

The Roland SRV-2000 uses 16 bit converters and 28 bit parallel arithmetic, allowing dynamic range of 90dB and total harmonic distortion of under 0.03%.

Roland SDE-3000

Roland SDE-3000 Digital Delay

The Roland Digital Delay SDE-3000 is a high quality Delay Machine featuring various delay effects and also the Memory function that retains up to eight different panel settings.

Roland SDE-2000

Roland SDE-2000 Digital Delay

The Roland SDE-2000 Digital Delay offers complete flexibility over all the delay parameters including Flanging, Chorus and Echo etc.

Roland RE-201

Roland RE-201 Space Echo

The Roland RE-201 was an engineering masterpiece. It featured a sophisticated tape-echo effect and a built-in spring reverb, with different sound variations selectable via 12 different operating modes.

Roland may well be known for extraordinary keyboards more than anything else, but they have a long history in making digital effects processors too.

Roland’s early tape delay devices such as the Roland RE-210 from the early 1970s (and the follow up products) are now so highly valued that they rarely come up for sale.

Roland were never content and always innovated, so when digital processing came along, they were right there at the forefront, starting with the Roland SDE-2000 digital delay in 1981. In the same year they released one of their most highly regarded effects, the Roland SDD-320 Dimension D Chorus.

Over the years Roland produced some great digital effects, including the Roland SRV-2000 digital reverb. The SRV-2000 is an early grainy sounding reverb with so much character, it sounds fantastic on snares, but is most famous for being used by Slash for that guitar sound on Sweet Child of Mine.

Roland tried to capture some of the big studio reverb market by introducing the Roland R880 reverb, a high end reverb that had minimal success. It was difficult to knock the big guns out of the studio space as many other manufactures found.

After that Roland went back to what they do best, a more affordable range of digital processors, the Roland SRV-330 dimensional digital reverb which is truly excellent and underrated.

The SDE-330 dimensional space delay was next and the rarest of them all, the SDX-330 dimensional expander which was a modulation effects box. It is said that the chorus effects on the SDX are superior to even the Roland Dimension D. They rarely ever come up for sale and are grabbed very quickly when they do.

Their final product, the Roland SRV-3030 should have been an absolute winner, but sadly Roland took a step backwards and it is dull and boring unit. Sadly too is the fact it is often mistaken for the SRV-330 and vice versa, but they are two very different units.

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