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Since 1983 SPL have been developing audio gear for music, film, multimedia, hi-fi and broadcasting. Experimenting and listening is more important to us than designing by the book. We create innovative audio products by pushing the envelope of both technology and design in search for the unique performance that sets SPL products apart from the main stream.

The SPL Tube Vitalizer is a completely different type of EQ, with which almost virtuoso interventions in the sound image become possible. When mixing, mastering and restoring, the Tube Vitalizer goes beyond traditional equalization.
The patented Vitalizer circuitry makes the SPL Stereo Vitalizer Mk2-T an unsurpassed sound designer. Whether live or in the studio, audio productions sound more alive, have more details, more transparency, a higher perceived loudness and, if required, an overwhelming bass foundation.
In the SPL PASSEQ they have revived the concept of the passive equalizer that was used in the 50’s and 60’s. The charming sound of this vintage technology combined with the modern 120V technology results in a very special equalizer.
The SPL Frontliner has everything to record voices and instruments in perfect quality: Positioned even above the already legendary Channel One, the Frontliner combines preamp, de-esser, EQ and compressor, tube saturation, which can be used individually or in combination.
The SPL Crescendo Duo Dual-Channel Microphone Preamplifier with 120V technology provides exceptional headroom and low noise floor.
As a mastering compressor, the SPL IRON is inspired by the legendary vintage tube compressors à la Fairchild, Collins or Gates and has been developed in a way to give modern productions more energy and power with the advantages of the 120V technology.
The SPL DeS Dual Band De-Esser is the well-known SPL De-Esser in the Dual-Band version as a single-slot module for 500 Series.
The SPL PQ is a unique equalizer, for several reasons. It has two times five fully parametric filter bands, each of which can be switched between constant Q and proportional Q! And there’s sheer unlimited headroom and a very special kind of EQ sound – thanks to 120V technology.
The SPL TDx Transient Designer brings level-independent dynamics processing to the world of 500 Series.
The SPL HPm Headphone Monitoring Amplifier is a 500 Series double-slot module headphone monitoring amplifier with Phonitor Matrix for two headphones.
The SPL DMC is the heart of the mastering studio. The converters, the players, the DAW, the recorders and the speakers are connected to it. The audio quality of the console is therefore crucial. Like all devices of the mastering series, the DMC works on the unparalleled 120V technology.
SPL Hermes revolutionizes mastering. Now it is possible to have an audio signal processed by up to eight 2-channel processors in any order that can be stored. At the push of a button you can compare up to four complex processing chains.
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