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Studer is a Swiss manufacturer of professional audio equipment known for producing high-quality analog tape recorders and mixing consoles. The company was founded in 1948 by Willi Studer and quickly gained a reputation for its precision engineering and attention to detail. Over the years, Studer has developed many groundbreaking products, including the world’s first four-track tape recorder and the first modular digital mixing console. Today, Studer is a part of Harman International Industries and continues to innovate in the field of professional audio, offering a wide range of digital mixing consoles and high-end digital audio processing equipment.

The Studer A721 is a professional cassette recorder with superb audio performance, reliability, and convenient operating concept, including a four-motor tape transport mechanism and modular audio electronics with automatic record parameter calibration.
The Studer V-Eight recorder incorporates the S-VHS recording principle and possesses all the necessary features required for professional audio applications. It is designed to meet the stringent demands of a professional studio environment, with a sturdy and distortion-free die-cast aluminum alloy chassis. Its modular design allows for sample-accurate interconnection of multiple units through a straightforward sync bus.
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