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Classic Recording Studio Equipment

The Locomotive Audio 86B-2 Vacuum Tube Preamp provides Two Huge Channels of Sweet and Harmonic Tube Preamp Gain that can sound Warm and Clean to Aggressive and Grungy.
Just like its popular vintage inspirations, the Gates Sta-Level, UA 175B, RCA BA-6A and Collins 26U, the results are a sound that cannot be replicated with any other method of gain reduction. The Locomotive Audio 14B delivers!
The Locomotive Audio WT-72 is a two-channel all-tube equaliser that is renowned for its warm and musical sound and is commonly used in professional recording studios for mixing and mastering applications.
The Locomotive Audio WT-COMP Compressor will put a stamp on any material run through its circuitry. The smooth and euphonic sound of soft-knee vari-mu compression paired with thick, distinct and colourful harmonic saturation makes the Weight Tank Compressor very unique.