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TC Electronic is a Danish company, founded in 1976 by two musician brothers, Kim and John Rishøj. TC Electronic had varying success with products for nearly a decade. Their stereo chorus/flanger guitar pedal helped put the bran don the map. However, when they released their first 19″ rack effects unit, the TC Electronic TC-2290 delay, it cemented their place in history. Every guitarist and every studio in the mid 1980s had a TC Electronic TC-2290, guitar players in particular loved the thing, and for good reason; it was a delay like no other. Today they still command big dollars on the used market.

TC Electronic on the back of the success of the TC-2290, went on to develop a huge range of professional audio products, including a significant range of digital effects processors. Products such as the TC Electronic M5000 designed as an effects mainframe, was very powerful and highly successful, as too was the TC Electronic Reverb 4000 digital reverb. In 2015 TC Electronic was purchased by Music Tribe, better known to most as Behringer, joining with other brands gobbled up by the music giant such as Tannoy, Auratone and Klark Teknik.

When the TC Electronic TC 2290 arrived in 1986, it change the landscape for digital delays forever and it is still in use around the world today because of it’s unique abilities. The TC Electronic TC 2290 was so iconic during the mid to late eighties, and it continued to show up everywhere in both studios and on stage with some of the biggest guitarists in history.
The TC Electronic M5000 Digital Audio Mainframe is unlike any other effects processor you have ever seen, at least is was at the time…By combining TC DARC technology with the skills of the best signal processing software engineers around the world, we have created the perfect mix of effects you have access to in the TC Electronic M5000 today.
The TC Electronic M2000 provides you with a broad palette of high quality effects enabling you to create magical effects. The true dual engine configuration on the TC Electronic M2000 allows you to run two full-blown effects simultaneously, i.e. on two individual effects sends.
The TC Electronic M3000 has some of the best sounding, most versatile and easy-to-use professional reverbs for music and film/post applications. The VSS3-reverb technology inherent in the TC Electronic M3000 is an industry standard.
The TC Electronic FireworX is the most radical sounding Multi-Effects Processor you’ve ever heard and a real challenge to your imagination. Take whatever you need from the broad palette of internal effects, drop it into the forge at the heart of the TC Electronic FireworX, and turn your music into a fireball of sound.
TC Electronic M-One XL is a dual effects unit, perfectly designed for LIVE applications. The reverbs truly shine, but it also features lots of other pristine effects. TC Electronic XL Technology – Based on Our Renowned Reverb Heritage. High-quality Multi Effects – Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Compressor, Gate, etc.
Think of delays and chances are our delays are what you hear in your head. Not to toot our own horn, but our delays are the best out there – end of story. With TC Electronic D-Two we wanted to combine our awesome delays with fun – we’ve added the truly musical Rhythm Tap feature: Not only tempo, but actual rhythm patterns can be tapped directly on the unit for results that are sure to quickly whip your creativity to new highs!
TC Electronic Reverb 4000 is a single-engine stereo version of Reverb 6000, featuring the best reverbs and presets from Reverb 6000 and M5000 as well as emulations of numerous classics. True Stereo Reverbs – Ported from Reverb 6000. Realistic Environments – from a Closet to a Canyon. DAW Integration – via innovative ICON Software