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Heritage Audio

Classic Recording Studio Equipment

Heritage Audio’s philosophy is To Make Vintage Sound possible for today’s studios. All of their efforts are aimed at creating recording gear that maintains the tone and character of the audio of the ’70s and adapting them to the needs of today’s music makers.

The Heritage Audio MOTORCITY EQualizer is a faithful reproduction of the rare and coveted passive EQs that were used at the legendary Motown studios in the 1960s.
The Heritage Audio Herchild Model 670 stands as a Tube-based Variable-Mu compressor, meticulously recreating the precise blueprint and components employed in its original counterpart.
The demand for that analog charm to enhance your mixes continues to rise, and Heritage Audio has provided the solution with the Heritage Audio Herchild Model 660 Variable-Mu Compressor.
The Heritage Audio Tubesessor isn’t just ideal for delicately adding warmth and subtle enhancement to a signal while retaining complete dynamic control; it also comes with a few hidden features.
Yes, the Heritage Audio Grandchild 670 is a 500 series module based on the praised Heritage Audio Herchild 670 stereo Vari-MU compressor. Let that sink in…it is an incredible feat of engineering to say the least!