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Klark Teknik

Klark Teknik rd Dimension BBD-320

Klark Teknik 3rd Dimension BBD-320

The Klark Teknik 3rd Dimension BBD-320’s sound effects are based on authentic Bucket Brigade (BBD) technology, maintaining the quality of original 80’s circuit.

Klark Teknik DN-7204

Klark Teknik DN 7204 Delay + EQ

Designed to meet and exceed the needs of the recording, broadcast, installation and live sound industries, the Klark Teknik DN 7204 Programmable Delay Line is a high quality, 2-input, 4-output configurable audio delay line.

Klark Teknik DN 780

Klark Teknik DN 780 Digital Reverberator

The Klark Teknik DN 780 digital Reverberator/Processor is not simply a reverbezation device. The DN 780 gives the user a unique and flexible means of producing realistic acoustic simulations for environments of all types and sizes.

Klark Teknik was founded in 1974 in the UK by brothers Terrence and Philip Clarke. Klark Teknik were responsible for some genuinely innovative products over the years from their initial product, the DN27 graphic equaliser to their DN60 spectrum analyser.

During the 1980s they produced a range of digital effects processors including the DN700 delay line and the more commonly known Klark Teknik DN780 digital reverb. The DN780 was a very good reverb and it still commands reasonable money these days.

In recent times Klark Teknik was bought by music giant Music Tribe (Behringer) and have started to emulate other older classic audio effects such as the blatant copy of Roland’s Dimension D, the Klark Teknik 3RD Dimension. After this they released copies of the Urie 1176 and Pultec equaliser.

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