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Classic Recording Studio Equipment

Manley Laboratories produces recording, mixing, mastering, and playback equipment of the very highest caliber, proudly maintaining the great analog traditions upon which the company was built – and always looking forward to the future of the industry.

Manley’s modern take on the Pultec EQ – in stereo! – with extra frequencies the original never had; a vastly superior power supply and famous Manley line amps complete the package. Magic on drums, killer on guitars.
The Manley Enhanced Pultec Equaliser is Manley’s modern take on the Pultec EQ with extra frequencies the original never had; a vastly superior power supply and famous Manley line amps complete the package. Magic on kick drum, killer on guitars.
This single channel Manley Mid Frequency Equaliser is the secret weapon for vocal, guitar, snare and all the other midrange instruments that are the meat of the mix.
There are few modern classics in the world of professional studio effects hardware, but the Manley Stereo Variable MU limiter compressor is most definitely one such processor. An all-tube limiter built in the great tradition of the Fairchild 660, the Manley Stereo Variable MU has been a cherished part of many studios for decades.
The Manley Massive Passive is one of the very few highly regarded equalisers ever made. There is the Pultec EQ, and then there is the Manley Massive Passive. Sure, it is a parametric EQ, but with a twist!
Two class A mic preamps & DI’s drive two ELOP and two fast FET “brick wall” limiters to tame any tone one can throw at it. The Manley Slam is jammed with tubes, transformers, technology, and tricks. Get it in and get it LOUD.
A mastering engineer’s dream to the world, the Manley Backbone mastering insert switcher. This unit is the centrepiece of a mastering system allowing precise control and manipulation of up to eight pieces of outboard gear.
The Manley Voxbox combines the Manley Mono Mic Preamp, the ELOP reborn as a lower ratio compressor, the MID EQ blown out as a full range PEAK-DIP-PEAK EQ, and a DeEsser with a second ELOP limiter at the end.
Building upon its 25-year legacy producing revered recording studio equipment; Manley Labs has distilled its core technologies from this lineage. 2014 delivered the Manley Core, an innovative channel strip that combines Manley’s Greatest Hits with fresh technology.
From America’s premier high-end studio gear manufacturer, the Manley Force contains four channels of real High Voltage vacuum tube microphone preamplifiers extracted from the hugely popular and award-winning Manley CORE®, housed in an exquisitely gorgeous chassis, and meticulously hand-crafted in California.
Since the early 1990’s, the Manley ELOP® stereo electro-optical limiter has been a tracking hero – effortlessly controlling dynamics on countless records around the globe and delivering the coveted classic, all-tube sound for which Manley Labs is known.
The Manley Nu Mu Stereo Limiter Compressor uses the special T-Bar mod tube front end of the legendary Variable Mu® with same super smooth side chain and timing characteristics followed by a high voltage discrete and FET solid-state amplifying and output stage for a faster and punchier audio path.