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The Iconic David Blackmer DBX Compressors

The Iconic David Blackmer DBX Compressors

The Iconic David Blackmer DBX Compressors - Copyright Vintage Digital
A deep fascination for David Blacker’s dbx compressors aesthetic, has led to the creation of this book, showcasing his classic designs that have become studio legends the world over.

The Iconic David Blackmer dbx Compressors offers a detailed look at the iconic dbx compressors, starting with the legendary dbx 160. Renowned for its industrial design and superior sonic quality, the dbx 160 paved the way for models like the dbx 162, dbx 165, and dbx 165A, each enhancing the original design while maintaining the classic DBX aesthetic which has been painstakingly recreated with stunning illustrations.

This book The Iconic David Blackmer dbx Compressors, delves into the innovations of David Blackmer, the mastermind behind these compressors, providing all the essential information for exploring and using these timeless devices. Perfect for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike, it’s your go-to guide for understanding and appreciating the enduring impact of dbx compressors.

This book covers the dbx 160, dbx 162, dbx 163, dbx 164, dbx 165, dbx 165A and dbx 160X models in detail, including all specifications, how to use them and control layout descriptions. It is the perfect replacement for all of these models’ user manuals.

Please Note: This book is currently in print production and will ship towards the end of June 2024.


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