Classic Track

Beds Are Burning

Midnight Oil
The Oils as we like to call them here in Australia, delivered one of the greatest Australian rock albums of all time, and it made them global stars.
Midnight Oil Beds Are Burning
Recorded: 1987
Released: 10 August, 1987
Producer: Midnight Oil & Warne Livesey
Recording Engineer: Guy Grey & Greg Henderson
Mix Engineer: Nick Laune

Growing up in the 1980s in Sydney Australia was a real treat. On any given Saturday night we were spoiled for choice as to which band to go out and see; would it be Icehouse, Cold Chisel, Men At Work, Divinyls, INXS, Crowded House or Midnight Oil?

Australian bands cut their teeth in the pubs of Sydney and Melbourne before anyone outside of Australia ever heard of them. Midnight Oil were one of those bands who would deliver night after night in pubs all over the country, honing their skills and live performance, few bands could compete with their energy on stage.

By the time they broke the US market with Beds Are Burning they had been enjoying success live and on record in Australia for nearly a decade. When Midnight Oil went into Alberts Studios in Sydney to record Diesel And Dust they had been these songs live for some time. They were ready! (Originally they were going to record at Studio 301, but it was not available)

Beds Are Burning was recorded to two Sony 3324 Digital multi-track recorders using an SSL 4018 E Series console. While the AMS DMX 15-80 was used to trigger drums samples, the Bel BD-80 delay was used all over Peter Garrett’s vocals, he loved the Bel! The Yamaha SPX90 also made an appearance for chorusing effects.

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