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EMT 240 Reverb Foil

In 1971 after huge success with the EMT 140, EMT delivered the EMT 240 Reverb Foil. The surface of the vibrating 0.02 mm gold foil measured only 30 X 30 cm. The foil was contained in a double enclosure affording very high isolation from airborne and solid-borne disturbances, sufficient to allow placement of the EMT 240 even in mobile units or - at a sound pressure level of 105 dB - next to monitor loudspeakers


The reverberation plate EMT 140 was developed by the Institut Fur Rundertechnik and the inventor Dr Walter Kuhl. The EMT 140 was manufactured by EMT since 1956 and covered by world wide patents. This co-operation was followed up in connection with the development of the smaller EMT 240 Reverb Foil for which new patents in Germany and abroad are applied for.

Flat plates under tension have been in use for the past 15 years for the production of reverberation in studio technology. This proven principle has now been developed even further: An electrolytically produced foil of special gold 12 inches square replaces the steel plate used until now. As a result the advantages of this principle are maintained:

  • A constant resonant density over the audible range
  • No flutter echo repeats
  • Minimum dispersion
  • Constant reverb decay according to an exponential function


The new EMT 240 has only 1/5th the volume of the previous EMT 140 unit and has considerably improved characteristics:

  • Double the resonant density, therefore no perceptible colouration
  • Three times the decay of the first reflection
  • Greatly improved isolation against shock, vibration and ambient noise


The unit is easy to transport. After transportation no retensioning or recalibration is required.



Reverb Time: 0.7 – 5 seconds
Signal to Noise: 65 dB

Dimensions: 640mm x 300mm x 625mm
Weight: 67 kg

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