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Eventide Model H969

Eventide Model H969 Harmonizer®

Eventide's newest Harmonizer in 1985 was the Eventide Model H969, which expanded on Eventide's already capable Eventide Model H949 Harmonizer. The Evenride Model H969's new ProPitch digital electronic-splicing algorithm gives you the cleanest, most glitch-free pitch change ever. Deglitching is active over a wider bandwidth, too - a full octave wider.


In this model, Eventide has employed 16 bit linear PCM circuitry in the Eventide Model H969 for the first time in a Harmonizer, which provides superb audio performance in all modes.

We know that you don’t always think in terms of “pitch ratios”. Sometimes, you simply want to go up a major third, or down a fifth. So to make things easy, the H969 gives you twelve “instant” pitch change presets. Setting a precise major third, minor third, fifth, seventh or octave of pitch change is a cinch — just push one button. Each interval can be selected as a sharp (increase pitch) or flat (decrease pitch). There are also instant  presets for sharp and flat micro-pitch change, for vocal doubling and effects.

You choose from two ways to select pitch ratios and delay times on the H969 — positional and auto incremental. Individual coarse and fine adjust controls make it a snap to get exactly the pitch ratio you want. And once you choose your settings, the digits are rock stable. Unless of course, you ask the H969 to automatically vary the pitch ratio – up or down. at your choice of speed.

To make the H969 as easy to use in live performance as it is in the studio, we’ve included a front panel preamplified input, in addition to the usual XLR-type studio level input. Just plug in your instrument. There’s a companion front panel output jack, too. The H969 also has remote line in/out switching capability, plus remote pitch ratio/delay time set provisions. A keyboard can also be accommodated.

The Widest Delay Range. . . And More
With the H969, you get much more delay than we’ve ever put into a Harmonizer before – 1.5 seconds at full bandwidth (40Hz- 15kHz ± 1 dB). Need even more? Just hit the “double mode” button and you can extend delay range to over 3 seconds, with 8kHz bandwidth. For added convenience, you can choose and save any five delay times for instant recall. Delay time and pitch ratio are each displayed on an independent readout.

The Broadest Array Of Effective Features
The H969’s full 1.5 / 3+ second digital memory is available in Infinite Repeat as well as Reverse Audio modes, dramatically increasing the versatility and usefulness of these effects. You can also vary the length of the reversed or repeated audio segment after capture. Pitch change, Flange and Doppler effects can be used in tandem with Reverse and Repeat modes.

Flanging on the H969 Harmonizer offers unlimited options. Flange sweep rate can be varied over a very wide range, or you can sweep manually. You can freeze the flange sweep at any point you select, and you can preset the point at which the flange sweep begins. We’ve also added a new Doppler mode.

The Best Harmonizer Ever
The H969 is an addition to Eventide’s full line of Harmonizer special effects units. Our industry standard H949 is still going strong. The H969 ProPitch Harmonizer maintains Eventide’s leadership position. For your most demanding applications, the H969 represents the state-of-the-art in pitch change technology.



Quantization: 16 bit
Sampling Frequency: Unknown
Frequency Response: 40Hz – 15kHz
Dynamic Range: Unknown
THD: Unknown

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