Like A Virgin

Madonna Like a Virgin

Recorded: April – September 1984
Released: 31 October, 1984
Engineered by: Jason Corsaro
Produced by: Nile Rodgers, Stephen Bray and Madonna

Madonna’s best album to date, is without a doubt Like A Virgin, it spawned a number of hit singles and pushed Madonna to the top of the charts around the globe. It’s slick production and excellent pop song writing still stands true today.

The album was recorded at The Power Station in New York, and with Nile Rodgers at the helm was able to draw in some top players including Nile Rodgers’ Chic band mate Bernard Edwards for bass duties, along with Tony Thompson on drums and together they formed an incredibly tight rhythm section.

Being recorded in 1984, I find Jason Corsaro’s recollection of which reverbs were used to be difficult to comprehend. In an interview with SOS Magazine he claims a Yamaha SPX and Ursa Major Space Station were used on this track. The problem is, the Yamaha SPX 90 did not come out until mid 1985. It is entirely possible that The Power Station Studios received advanced units for testing prior to the official release, we may never know.