Roland DEP-5 Digital Effects Processor

Roland DEP-5
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The Roland DEP-5 is a versatile effect unit that features Non-linear Reverb (Gate Reverb) and Delay effects as well as Reverb and Chorus. Moreover, using the Algorithm function, these effects can be spontaneously combined creating subtle effects.

  • Digital Reverbs include four types sf effects: Room, Hall, Plate and Special: altogether 22 different reverberation effoots. And more, Gate
    Reverb can be obtained in the Non-linear mode.
  • The Digital Chorus creates more natural chorus effect than the analog chorus.
  • The maximum delay time of the Roland DEP-5 is 2000ms.
  • Up to 99 different effect settings can be written into memory.
  • Three Band Digital Equalizer is built in.
  • Featuring MIDI Connectors, the Roland DEP-5 can be set up with other MIDI device. The Program Change message sent from the external device.
    can select the effect sening on the Roland DEP-5.
  • The DEP-5 adopts the 16 bit A/D/A conversion system and 28 bit internal arithmetic digital signal processor, allowing dynamic range of 80db and total harmonic distortion of under 0.03%.
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Released: 1986
Quantization: 16 Bit
Sampling Frequency: 32kHz
Frequency Response: 30Hz-12kHz
Dynamic Range: 80dB
THD: Below 0.03%