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Sony DRE-S777

Sony DRE-S777 Sampling Digital Reverb

After the lack-luster DPS-V55, Sony had one last shot at the studio effects market, and they went out on a high with the spectacular DRE-S777 Sampling Reverb. The Sony DRE-S777 was a new type of reverb, one that used real impulse responses to capture real space, rather than the traditional method from the past of trying to emulate a real space.


The Sony DRE-S777 Sampling Digital Reverb employs a newly developed DSP (Digital Signal Processor) which allows Real Impulse Response processing. It performs high speed, real-time processing, and provides natural reverberations based on actual acoustic spaces such as concert halls.

Several reverb data, including a plate reverb incorporated as standard
The supplied CD ROM holds reverb data of existing acoustic spaces (reverb sources) for the Sony DRE-S777 such as concert halls and churches, as well as a digitally simulated plate reverb which was previously impossible. Variable reverb data, with different reverb times, are provided for each sound source.

Excellent signal-to-noise ratio
Thanks to the digital signal processing and use of high-quality A/D and D/A converters, the Sony DRE-S777 achieves an excellent signal-to-noise ratio of 100 dB or better.

Variable reverb time
The reverb time can be changed over a range of 0.3 to 6 seconds in 0.25 second steps. (The adjustable range differs according to the sound source.)

Instant switching of reverb programs using 9 cache memories
A reverb program loaded from the CD ROM can be stored in a cache memory. Up to 9 reverb programs can be stored in 9 cache memories and switched instantly.

Pre-delay function
The delay time can be adjusted from 0 to 0.5 seconds.

Pre-equalizer function
The Sony DRE-S777 is equipped with a four-band equalizer. The center frequency, gain and filter width (Q) for each band can be changed. The equalizer can be set to the original sound (Dry) only, the reverb sound (Wet) only or both (Input).

Memory Stick storing up to 99 reverb setups
The memory stick is capable of storing up to 99 reverb setups, 92 adjusted on the MIXER and SETUP displays plus 7 factory presets. A memory label can be set for each setup. This function is useful when you want to recall the status previously adjusted.

Sampling reverb software providing rich reverberation samples
Reverb programs based on famous halls, churches and natural environments worldwide are also available in the optional DASK-S70x series sampling reverb software CD ROMs.

A variety of signal processing options using the optional expansion DSP

As standard, the Sony DRE-S777 allows the “Mono in Stereo out” mode. By installing the optional DABK-S703 expansion DSP, the following signal processing options are possible.

  • Stereo in Stereo out
  • Mono in 4-channel out
  • Mono in Stereo out (2Fs)
  • Split in 4-channel out (two sets of monaural inputs to be output as two sets of 2-channel outputs)


Optional A/D and D/A converters allowing analog inputs/outputs
The optional DABK-S701 A/D converter provides 2-channel analog inputs; the optional DABK-S702 D/A converter provides 2-channel analog outputs. Two DABK-S702 can be installed. With these converters, the following signal processing options are available.

  • 48 kHz/24 bit Stereo analog in four channel analog out
  • 96 kHz/24 bit Stereo analog in Stereo analog out



Quantization: 24bit
Sampling Frequency: Up to 96kHz
Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz
Signal to Noise: 110dB
Dynamic Range: 110dB
Crosstalk: 90 dB
THD: Below 0.005%

Dimensions: 482mm x 110mm x 514mm
Weight: 15kg

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Sony DRE-S777 Sampling Digital Reverb Reviews

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Community Score


(1 Review)

Build Quality 90%
Sound Quality 90%
Usefullness 95%
Mojo/Funk 80%
Reliability 90%

What other owners say...

Glorious Reverb

By Martin Jones

Build Quality 90%
Sound Quality 90%
Usefullness 95%
Mojo/Funk 80%
Reliability 90%

I have owned this Sony for about 6 years now after having many ‘big’ name reverbs from Lexicon and EMT etc. Of all my hardware reverbs this is the one I choose to keep because the reverbs are so smooth and realistic.

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