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Alesis XT Digital Reverb

Alesis XT Digital Reverb

The Alesis XT Digital Reverb, released in 1985, is a high quality digital signal processing system, specifically designed to simulate natural reverberation and special acoustic effects.


The Alesis XT Digital Reverb can be used in conjunction with a mixing console providing stereo reverb returns, or stand-alone with electric instruments and amplifiers. The Alesis XT contains a large memory array and a high speed arithmetic processing circuit that executes special Alesis-developed algorithms.

The result is reverberation typical of units costing ten times as much. Extra memory and high speed electronics give the Alesis XT a generous frequency response of 14KHZ, formerly found only in very expensive units. Excellent treble response preserves the delicate sibilance of vocals and the brilliance of certain percussion instruments. Large memory capacity gives the XT a remarkably flat and uniform frequency response rarely found in even the best acoustic chambers.

The arithmetic processor in the Alesis XT has special overflow handling circuitry that avoids the abrupt output transients caused by clipping in many audio digital processing products. Overdriving the XT is not recommended, but due to its soft clipping characteristic, output saturation often goes unnoticed with no adverse effect.

The Alesis XT has the ability to generate extremely high echo density. Controlled from the front panel, a single impulse can be turned into hundreds or many thousands of discreet output pulses, all distributed in full stereo. High echo density gives the Alesis XT particularly smooth decay, even with the most difficult percussive material.

Front panel controls allow variation of delays, frequency response, echo density and decay times. The controls are organized in a logical, easily understood way to allow for quick setup and change. For those not familiar with digital reverberation, the top of the unit is screened with flowcharts and descriptive control information.

Rear panel connections interface easily to other equipment. A loop in the reverberator input circuit is provided for additional equipment such as equalizers and digital delays. The delay and frequency response options available at the front panel make the loop necessary only in special effect situations.



Frequency Response: 30Hz – 14kHz
Dynamic Range: 75dB


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Filthasaurus Rex

by Hollowman9

Sound Quality 35%
Build Quality 80%
Usefullness 55%
Mojo/Funk 100%
Reliability 100%

It took awhile to find what this unit is good for and how to use it in a mix. It sounds incredible on analog synths. Almost like it is another extension of the synth itself it takes a patch and adds a new dimension to it – an artificial dimension slightly similar to an analog BBD based reverb but without the darkness. With sampled percussion loops it will add a dynamically shifting aura that can be mesmerizing or even terrifying at some settings. This is a sound design tool. Don’t go to it wanting to sound like you’re in a concert hall. Be prepared for lots of noise and grit. Maybe someone can coax convincing spaces from this box but that isn’t using it to its true nature. That nature is filth. A wonderous treasure trove of dirty textures and warped realities. There is no subtlety, it will gobble up your mix.

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