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Ensoniq DP/2 Parallel Effects Processor

The Ensoniq DP/2 is equally at home in a professional recording studio, home studio, guitar rig, MIDI setup, or PA system. The Ensoniq DP/2 creates 24-bit digital effects using two independent processors and features two independent inputs and outputs with full internal mixing capabilities and discrete stereo processing.

Ensoniq DP/2 Parallel Effects Processor Details

The Ensoniq DP/2 Parallel Effects Processor has over 60 high-fidelity fully programmable digital effect algorithms. Reverb, chorusing, flanging, delay, distortion, pitch shifting, and an assortment of other effects are provided with dynamic control over most of the settings.

There are 600 effect presets: 300 permanent in ROM (Read Only Memory) and 300 additional presets in RAM (Random Access Memory) for you to edit or store your own creations.

Parallel Processing
The Ensoniq DP/2’s two-in, two-out design permits stereo processing of two parallel channels (multi-processing). There is only one user interface, but up to two different input signals can each go to a separate internal signal processor. Independently configurable inputs and outputs also allow for special types of effects, like keyed expansion and ducking.

The Ensoniq DP/2 can be used as one big effects box, or two separate effects boxes. The routing between the two processing units is programmable, allowing for a serial or parallel combination of effects. The DP/2 also offers paths to feedback the signal, and side-chain capability. The variable architecture and rich assortment of algorithms provides for unusual effect structures not found in fixed routing systems.

The Ensoniq DP/2 is equipped with an advanced digital signal processing system based on the Ensoniq Signal Processor (ESP) chip. The ESP chip is designed specifically for digital audio signal processing, and in the DP/2, two ESP chips work in conjunction with 16-bit analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue converters to provide a studio-quality output signal.

The digital effects processing capability has been designed to complement any input source (balanced/unbalanced; +4dBu to-10dBV), and all of the algorithms (except the Guitar Tuner) can have specific parameters modulated by various MIDI and non-MIDI controllers such as a keyboard’s pitch wheel, or the local CV Pedal.


  • A/D – D/A conversion: 16 bit linear
  • Input Level: -18.5 dBV to +19.5 dBu
  • Maximum output level:
  • Output impedance: 220 Kohms
  • Frequency Response: 2 Hz-16 kHz “wet”
  • Dynamic Range: 96dB
  • Signal to Noise ratio: -90dB “A” weighted
  • THD+Noise: >.0032% (90dB) “A” weighted
  • Crosstalk between channels: better than -80 dB (1 kHz) IM distortion (SMPTE): 0.05%
  • Dimensions: 482mm x 43mm x 236mm
    Weight: 2.9 kg


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by Lektromulus

Sound Quality 95%
Build Quality 85%
Usefullness 100%
Mojo/Funk 100%
Reliability 75%

My unit required extensive work including new, encoder knob, screen, all new capacitors and jumping and work in the input and output circuits because of leaky caps and a power supply rebuild. However, 2 years of running alongside lexicon, eventide, Strymon, and GFI processors and pedals the dp2 definitely holds its own! The phasers, flangers and pitch shifting are superb. The reverbs are hit and miss and some are a bit grainy or metallic in a funky way and others are good and still useful today. The 2 line display is a bit tedious but terse enough to work well enough. If you find one, buy it!


by Theo H

Sound Quality 100%
Build Quality 100%
Usefullness 100%
Mojo/Funk 100%
Reliability 100%


by Anonymous

Sound Quality 90%
Build Quality 80%
Usefullness 90%
Mojo/Funk 70%
Reliability 85%

Many FX algorithm in this unit, and all are premium quality. Interface is a bit boring for editing, especially in 2DSP mode, but presets are good. (boring editing = bad mojo note) This unit has some secrets weapons in my point of view: fat “Roland” ultra-chorus, complex reverbs, even compressor algorithm is really cool, it gives my samples an EMU fat vibe. I had also an Ensoniq DP/PRO, sound quality is nearly the same although DSP is newer on PRO model, but reliability was poor on my PRO unit. This dp2 is a killer ;) (I “work” with lexicon, eventide, publison, roland space echo)


by Anonymous

Sound Quality 90%
Build Quality 80%
Usefullness 95%
Mojo/Funk 95%
Reliability 80%

This unit has some really quality FXs. I like it for coloured reverbs and especially for its doubler-widening programs (I have not found such nice widening-doubler algos in plugins and I own…many. Eventide H3000 native, Soundtoys, many reverbs etc… ). It has also very very good phaser-flangers.


by Alex909

Sound Quality 100%
Build Quality 80%
Usefullness 80%
Mojo/Funk 100%
Reliability 80%

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  1. Managed to find myself a DP/2 some month ago. Took my over a year to find one in good conditioons. They dont appear often for sale. Prefere it to th DP/4 which I also own. Quietly compared to DP4 which has noise floor. Sounds high-end but with a beautiful vintage touch. Very characterful and deep. Highl recommendet.

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