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GML Model 2020

GML Model 2020 Mic Pre/EQ/DRC Channel Strip

The GML Model 2020 is a the reference-quality combination of the legendary 8300 Mic Pre, a 4-band version of the 8200 Parametric EQ, and a complete 8900 Dynamic Range Controller.


The GML Model 2020 High Resolution Discrete Input Channel sets a new standard in signal processing. It combines the features of the GML flagship Model 8200 Parametric Equalizer, 8300 Transformerless Microphone Preamplifier, and 8900 Dynamic Gain Control into a powerfully pristine single channel unit.

The power and functionality of these revolutionary processors is further coupled with the addition of a front panel musical instrument input, two position high-pass filter, front panel phantom and phase switching, and flexible routing options while maintaining the GML standard of performance and transparency.

The advanced circuits of the GML Model 2020, envisioned by George Massenburg, have benefited from over 30 years of research, limited manufacturing, critical listening analysis, widespread usage by demanding industry professionals, and continuous evaluation by the GML Engineering Department.

The GML Model 2020 High Resolution Discrete Input Channel derives its power and flexibility in large part from its features:

  • All-discrete, Class-A design; no integrated circuits to compromise the audio path
  • DC-servo and premium-grade film coupling; no interstage capacitors to add distortion or degrade over time; no tantalum electrolytic, ceramic, or aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the signal path
  • Transformerless; precision electronically balanced inputs
  • Designed with GML 9202 low-noise, low-distortion, wide dynamic range, wide bandwidth precision discrete opamps
  • DC-servo stabilized direct-coupled output
  • Multi-input format: Mic, Line, or M/I (front panel musical instrument)
  • Wide gain range (-10 dB to +70 dB) available on all inputs
  • Flexible routing: EQ before DYN, EQ to DYN Sidechain, DYN before EQ
  • High-pass filter; selectable 40 Hz, flat, 100Hz
  • Front panel Phantom and Phase switches
  • Link function; allows multiple units to act in concert
  • Precise input signal LED meter; 5 color-coded steps
  • Interstage (EQ out, DYN out) Clip/OL LED
  • Illuminated push-button switches for “EQ In”, “Dynamics In” and “Link”
  • Carbon-film precision potentiometers, manufactured to GML exacting standards
  • GML-specified custom robust rotary switches; precious metal contacts
  • Precious-metal interconnects
  • High-quality XLR interconnects, Au over Ag
  • Proprietary discrete VCA; excellent low-level resolution, low distortion, low noise
  • Highly accurate logarithmic Dynamics control: provides consistent processor action across a wide dynamic range for added flexibility and transparency
  • Powerful RMS Dynamics detection: enables true musical-energy tracking; acts upon all-important signal energy, not merely signal level
  • Three independent Dynamics detectors to capture the full range of transient content: Peak, Fast RMS and Slow RMS
  • Two Dynamics modes: Soft Knee and Hard Knee
  • LED indicators for Dynamics detector activity and compression ratio
  • Accurate multi-segment Dynamics LED meter, displays state of VCA
  • Dynamics section takes maximum advantage of modern surface-mount technology for reliability, manufacturability, and compactness
  • Multi-colored knobs, GML standard
  • Stylish and durable black-anodized aluminum front panel
  • Rugged chassis; black powder-coat finish over aluminum
  • Reverse-anodized front panel legend, much more permanent than ink or paint processes
  • Baked-on epoxy paint silkscreen rear panel legend
  • Quality PCB manufacturing, assembly, and chassis construction



  • Input
    • Microphone: 1 kΩ balanced, >93dB CMRR, +36.6dBu max input before clipping
    • Line: 20 kΩ balanced bridging, >92dB CMRR, +36.6dBu max input before clipping
    • Musical Instrument: 1 MΩ unbalanced, +20dBu maximum input before clipping
  • Throughput
    • Bandwidth: -0.1dB / +0.002dB, <10Hz to >30kHz, worst-case, -3dB, >150kHz and <<10Hz, typical
    • <0.003% Harmonic distortion, 20Hz to 20kHz, typical <0.005% SMPTE Intermodulation distortion, typical 30v/usec discrete
    • low-noise precision operational amplifiers, GML 9202 No electrolytic interstage or coupling capacitors
    • Noise: -80dBu broadband, EQ and DYN engaged, typical, -117dBu EIN, M/I input, -123dBu EIN, Microphone or Line input, -90dB crosstalk, 20Hz to 20kHz, worst case
  • Output
    • +26.6 dBu clipping
    • < 3 mV output offset, stabilized by DC servo correction, direct coupled
    • Normally wired pin 2 “hot”


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