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Vintage Digital Effects For Sale

Vintage Digital Effects being sold by Vintage Digital, from our testing rack.
Currently available items located in Sydney, Australia. All items available for pickup or contact us for delivery options.

Please contact us using the form below if interested in any of these items. We can send through pictures of the actual unit for sale on request.

Sony MU-R201 Stereo Digital Reverb

We have bought and sold so many of these great reverbs over the years. This particular copy is in near mint condition and works flawlessly. The front panel is unmarked and the rest of the chassis is virtually as new new. If you were ever considering one of these great reverbs, this is the one to get as you will not find one is as good condition as this.

100 volt Japanese Model | AUD$450 | Learn more

Yamaha REV500 Digital Reverberator

We bought this reverb very recently to take samples of it’s reverbs for the website. It too is in near mint condition and had no marks on the rack ears at all when we got it. It is a very fine example of this very good digital reverb and would suit a buyer looking to add a pristine example to the collection.

230 volt Australian/European Model | SOLD

Yamaha SPX90 Multi-Effects Processor

We bought this Yamaha SPX90 from Japan several months ago because it was the most pristine example we had ever seen available for sale. The faceplate was mint, it works 100% and sounds as good as the day it was made. The display is clear and bright and all buttons work. You will NOT find another one in this condition.

100 volt Japanese Model | SOLD

Roland DEP-5 Digital Effects Processor

We bought this Roland DEP-5 from Japan also, it was the best condition unit we could find and while not in mint condition it is still in very good to excellent condition. The faceplate and in general all over is in very good condition with no rack rash, dents or bends what so ever and it is 100% working.

100 volt Japanese Model | SOLD

Roland SDE-1000 Digital Delay

Once again, we bought this example of the Rolland SDE-1000 from Japan, and it is in nothing short of MINT condition. The faceplate, top deck, rack ears everything, is like new and the display is clear and bright as it would be when new. You most definitely will not find another in this condition ever and it is 100% working.

100 volt Japanese Model | SOLD

For all enquires on the above effects, please use the form below.
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